Flood Insurance Act is Washing Away the American Dream

State Rep. Kevin Haggerty D-Lackawanna www.pahouse.com/Haggerty The Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 is quite possibly destroying the American Dream to own a home. Locally, I am investigating several problems with flood insurance that are essentially forcing families in supposed flood
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Congress Still Isn’t Being Responsible

By Lee H. Hamilton Congress is winding down its historically unproductive session with a small flurry of activity. It’s a welcome change, but so long overdue that it can’t possibly make up for what should have been accomplished on Capitol Hill this year. The problem is that for too (more...)

Why Can’t Congress Aim Higher?

By Lee H. Hamilton Congressional budget negotiators are moving to meet a December 13 deadline to produce, well, something. For weeks, we’ve been told to keep expectations low. There’ll be no “grand bargain,” negotiators say. Commentators believe that even the narrowest agreement will be a signal achievement. (more...)

Why We Need To Legalize Medical Marijuana?

Garrett Brann is about to turn 3 years old. He has a form of epilepsy, known as "Dravet Syndrome," which is robbing him of his childhood, a normal life, and so much more. The disease manifests itself primarily in almost constant seizures. Garrett routinely has (more...)

American public has lost patience with Washington

Lee Hamilton
Congress is unable to do its job. It displays neither competence nor responsibility, lurching from crisis to crisis. Too many of its members reject the notion that accommodation and time-honored procedures allow them to fulfill their responsibilities to the American people. They use their legislative skill to engage in

The Time For School Tax Reform Is Now

By State Rep. John Galloway "Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not." - George Bernard Shaw When I was a kid, I loved Bobby Kennedy. He is a big part of why I got involved in (more...)

Choosing the Safety of our Kids over the Rights of Sex Offenders

Op-Ed Column by State Senator Lisa Boscola Recently, in Lancaster County, a 5-year-old girl was allegedly kidnapped from her front yard. She was heroically rescued by two teenage boys who discovered her in the backseat of a car driven by suspect Harold Leroy Herr. The boys pursued (more...)

About “First Mural In Northeast Philadelphia”

Some personal thoughts regarding your article entitled “First Mural In Northeast Philadelphia”. First of all I would like to praise Lyudmila Makarova for this amazing idea, and “Teen Club” for their initial concept. But, I strongly disagree with the notion of depicting Russian heritage and diversity in (more...)

The Roots of Modern Capitalism

Bruce Scott Capitalism and democracy typically did not arise together in history, according to Bruce Scott. Whether they can continue to dominate the world’s systems of commerce and government raises a new question, he says. Scott is Paul Whiton Cherington professor of business administration at Harvard Business (more...)

Justices Who Change

By Linda Greenhouse Linda Greenhouse is Knight Distinguished Journalist in Residence and Joseph Goldstein Lecturer in Law at Yale Law School in New Haven, Connecticut. From 1978 to 2008, she covered the Supreme Court for the New York Times. The Supreme Court’s outlook is much more than the (more...)

Bob Woodward: “The Struggle Between President Obama And The US Congress”

Journalist Bob Woodward, the star of the Watergate scandal, " lets America know that this sequestration crisis is simply a product of Barack Obama making marionettes out of all of us — Congress, the press, the people", according to Atlantic Wire. In the book “The Price of Politics”, (more...)

Pennsylvania Needs To Expand Medicaid Eligibility

House Democratic Caucus Chairman Dan Frankel, D-Allegheny, issued this statement in response to today"s opposition by some House Republicans to the federally funded Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act: "The Republican governors of Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and North Dakota have already agreed to accept federal funds to improve health (more...)

Joe Paterno And His Widow, Sue, Are Teaching Us Lessons…

Our newspaper received the letter by e-mail with the statement, that said: " As I have mentioned numerous times with the news media and the Dr Phil Show, as a victim of Ed Savitz & Jerry Sandusky child sex trafficking ring between the years of 1977-1980, myself (more...)

Republicans About President’s Speech

We all know President Obama delivers a great speech-and he knows it too. What he may not know are the facts that contrast with the words on his teleprompter. Just watch this video highlighting promises from his past State of the Unions to see what we (more...)

Privatization of Liquor and School Safety Do Not Mix

State Rep. Kevin Haggerty D-Lackawanna I want to acknowledge Gov. Tom Corbett’s recent school safety initiative by recognizing its importance and by putting a figure of up to $1 billion on the protection of our children in schools. This increase in funding from the previous line item of $500,000 (more...)


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