Turkey: Earthquake, People & Future

Kubilay Kaptan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering and Department of Architecture at Istanbul Aydin University where he has been a faculty member since 2009. He also act as a coordinator of Disaster Education, Application and
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“Russian Dolls”: Who Are They?

“If the Soviet authorities had wanted to torture Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn beyond endurance, they would have forced him to watch Russian Dolls.” – said Alessandra Stanley in her review, published in New Your Times. Well, that could not been put more accurately or keenly, if one wished to characterize a new reality (more...)

Plastic Surgery

I read an interesting article in the post last Tuesday.  The article was in regards to the increasing rate of plastic surgery.  The story zeroes in on botox which gives the appearance of a face sans many expressions.  Yet, the article went on to say "Wrinkles (more...)

The Quiet Beatle

They were the greatest and most influential act of the rock era and introduced more innovations into popular music than any other rock band of the 20th century. Some said it couldn't really be happening, that it was just publicity. The others said, they couldn't last more than a month (more...)

Is Georgia Better Off Now Than Before Rose Revolution?

The former Soviet State of Georgia threw off its corrupt and undemocratic government in the Rose Revolution of November 2003, which opened a new chapter in the history of modern Georgia. The post revolution government achieved a number of successes in areas such as fighting corruption,  actively pursuing foreign investments, (more...)

Death Row: To Be Or Not To Be

The execution of Troy Davis on this Tuesday night shocked America. Not because capital punishment is uncommon in the U.S., but because hundreds of thousands of people believed he was innocent. Capital punishment is an ultimate measure. When the deal is done there is no way back saying: “Sorry for taking (more...)

How to Regain Your Health By Losing Weight

Zinovy Grinshtein learned about The Sadkhin Complex a long time ago after visiting his friend who had lost a lot of weight. “How did you manage that?” he asked, and it wasn’t just out of curiosity: Zinovy was suffering from diabetes, and had to use an insulin pump which injected (more...)

20 Years After Russia’s Rebirth

Twenty years ago, Russia's former Soviet Union began its final collapse.  Since then, Russia has seemed to float in some abyss between really coming into its own and the former powers that bound them. Thanks to Boris Yeltsin after the collapse of the Union, the country had (more...)

Aftershock of 5.9 Earthquake Hits Philadelphia

Aftershock of 5.9 Earthquake Hits Philadelphia

Living in Center City, Philadelphia, there are things that I get to experience that most other parts of the state, or even country, don’t—the best cheesesteaks around, water-ice at every corner… earthquakes.  Wait, what?  On August 23rd around 1:50 PM, Philadelphia was hit with the


Bachmann Backtracks

Bachmann Backtracks

Since announcing her run for the Republican nomination for the presidency of the United States, Bachmann has been very careful towards voicing her stances on controversial topics such as gay marriage.  Beforehand, Bachmann openly voiced opposition to gay marriage.

She also stood vehemently against


People Cry “Racism” Towards Dior’s Latest Ad

Dior’s newest ad campaign features rows and rows of identical Chinese women (literally identical- digitally reproduced). In the center, is a very tall, gorgeous western model dressed in Dior. One may take this ad to say that with Dior, you stand out from the pack; the lady in red when (more...)

Summer Styles

These are the trends that come in with the first beach day and are gone by jacket-weather. Oh, but what fine trends they are! I’ll start with the best news first: crochet is back! BCBG is doing 80% off their eyelet and crochet white dresses. It’s like wearing a little piece (more...)

No No To Lemonade Stands

Last week my friend was running down the shore and came back, extremely dehydtrated, and told me that the local lemonade stand that little girls have always run had been shut down. I asked her, “Why?”. And she said it had to do with not having a valid license. I (more...)

Real Madrid in Philadelphia

Real Madrid in Philadelphia: How It Was

No matter what, Americans do love soccer, (or “European football”, or just “football” how people across the world usually call this game). And the last Saturday match became another striking demonstration of this fact. One of the most famous football teams in the world, Real Madrid, played in Philadelphia. Two hours (more...)

Rent The Runway

The last decade or so has brought us a slew of fabulous new inventions.  There’s DVR, which lets you pause live TV.  There was the invention of the iPad which led to people camping outside of their local Apple stores for 48 hours.  But my favorite?  A little known secret: (more...)


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