Guys Weigh In

Who Said Boys Didn’t Know A Thing About Fashion? Oh… I guess I did.  Woops. Anyway girls, here’s your chance.  I got ten (sexy) young Philadelphian males to dish on what a girl can wear that always makes their heads turn. You can thank
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Business Competition

Business Competition is Driving Economy

Joseph Schumpeter, an Austrian-born economist, coined the term “creative destruction” in 1942 to describe the turbulent forces of innovation and competition in market economies. The “incessant gales” of markets cull out failing or underperforming companies, clearing the way for new companies, new products and new (more...)

Make Way For White

I hate keeping my readers in the dark. And I’ve been doing a poor job at bringing them out of it when it comes to music lately. So, finally, I bring you to the light—also known as Jordan White. White is an American rock music and was raised in our very own Pennsylvania. (more...)

Mad Hatter

Things we should adopt from the Brits: accents, monarchies, and hats! If there is anything the Royal Wedding and subsequent Kentucky Derby taught us it is that hats are back! In last week’s horse race, hats came out in a grander scale than we have ever seen before. Channeling Marie (more...)

What Won’t We Do For Medical Coverage

What Won’t We Do For Medical Coverage? Not Much!

James Richard Verone robbed a North Carolina bank.  He went up to the teller and laid forth his demands.  The amount he asked for?  One dollar. Before becoming a not-so-threatening bank robber, Verone, 59, spent seventeen years as a Coca Cola deliveryman.  Then there was the economic downturn and recession in (more...)

Arnold, You’re Nothing New

Politicians and cheating scandals are becoming so intertwined that it’s hard to keep the numbers straight.  No, not poll numbers or demographic numbers, but the number of women (sometimes men) that they have cheated on their spouse with.  When Clinton cheated, there were two women involved.  The public was shocked (more...)

Thank You For These Moments, Sarah

Just when you think the existence of Sarah Palin couldn’t get any more funny interesting, June 5th rolls around. Now, just to preface her most recent comment on American history; well, Palin’s version of it at least, let’s consider some of her other she-could-not-have-said-that moments. There was October 2008, when Katie (more...)

Racism + Cheesesteaks = A Bad Combination

Battles rage on between Israel and Gaza, fights commence over the Phillies and Yankees, wars have been fought between right and wrong. And here we come to another great battle still- Pats verses Geno's (for who has the best cheesesteak, of course). It’s a Philly pride statement. When (more...)

60,000 People Can be Wrong About Philadelphia

60,000 People Can be Wrong About Philadelphia

Awful news! 60,000 people responded to an online survey at, in which Philadelphia was found to be the least attractive city (in terms of people) in the country. We beat Kentucky? Idaho?  We beat places where checkered overalls are a fashion find?  Unacceptable! Philadelphia, (more...)

Why Is Soccer Becoming Popular in the United States

Why Is Soccer Becoming Popular in the United States?

By Franklin Foer The United States is about to take its place in the global soccer community. The only question: Is the world ready? Franklin Foer is the author of How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization and is editor-at-large of The New Republic magazine. This (more...)

Baltimore Home to Many American Writers

Baltimore Home to Many American Writers

Baltimore, known as a port and manufacturing center, is a working-class city that many well-known American writers have called home. Francis Scott Key wrote the poem that became America’s national anthem in Baltimore. Edgar Allan Poe lived and wrote for some years in Baltimore and (more...)

Fashion No-Nos That Apply No More

Two months ago I wrote a piece on the “outs” in fashion; those things you dare to wear that would make Gaga cringe. However, there’s plenty of fabulous pieces on a general fashion “don’t” list that simply do not belong there. Many things that were on such a list no (more...)

Discover Hawaii!

Hawaii is like no other place on earth. Home to one of the world's most active volcanoes and the world's tallest sea mountain. Birthplace of modern surfing, the hula and Hawaii Regional Cuisine. Former seat of a royal kingdom and home to the only royal place on US soil. Hawaii is (more...)

Thirty Years of Absolut

"Vodka from Russia"... The time has passed, when this simple slogan guaranteed a recognition around the world. Today not vodka itself is advertised, but a lifestyle associated with it. The beginning of the end of "Russian vodka" was put by Swedish "Absolut", that burst into US market and won it in (more...)

Russian Orthodox Catherdral In Philadelphia

St. Andrew’s Russian Orthodox Cathedral was founded in 1897. It is the oldest Orthodox Christian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the end of the 19th and in the beginning of the 20th centuries, immigrants from the Russian and Austro-Hungarian Empires arrived in the United States. They founded ethnic communities throughout (more...)


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