Philadelphia Teens Killed In Apparent Reprisal Shooting

Three teens dead  after shooting Tuesday night in the Juniata section of the city. Mayor Michael Nutter had strong words for the shooter, calling him “a dog,” and had strong words for the parents of Philadelphia’s youth, telling
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Cocaine Seizure in Phila, Marijuana Seizure in Lancaster County

Two facts about сocaine seizure in Philadelphia and marijuana seizure in Lancaster County  have been recorded in Pennsylvania this week. " The largest cocaine seizure ever recorded in Philadelphia International Airport history: 130 pounds of cocaine found in three unclaimed duffel bags over the weekend", CBS News reported. The (more...)

Free Emergency Identification Service

Yellow ICEdot will provide first responders with critical health and emergency contact information in case of an accident. Mayor Michael A. Nutter, ICEdot CEO Chris Zenthoefer and representatives of Philadelphia’s Police and Fire Departments launched Yellow ICEdot, a free emergency identification service. It is designed for motorists and provides identification, emergency (more...)

Wanamaker Building Is 100 Years Old

Wanamaker Building is now 100 years old. It was the home of the first department store in Philadelphia, and one of the first department stores in the U.S. The founder of the store John Wanameker ventured into business with his brother-in-law, Nathan Brown. According to Wikipedia, in 1861, they founded (more...)

Philadelphia Yet Again Beats the Highest Per-Capita Murder Rate In U.S.

In 2011 the City of Brotherly Love got the highest murder rate among big U.S. cities: 324 murders. It’s more than it was in 2010 (306 murders) and 2009 (302) murders, but least than in 2007, when almost 400 people were killed in the streets of Philadelphia. The city’s murder (more...)

Philadelphia News Sweet 16 Birthday

16 years ago the first issue of Philadelphia News newspaper was published. A year ago we launched its online version – website. It means we have a double birthday! 16th anniversary is celebrated in America as “Sweet 16”. Indeed, all these years were sweet, each day and each issue. All these (more...)

Free Saturday Parking for Holiday Shoppers

PPA Announces Free Saturday Parking for Holiday Shoppers. Discounted garage parking offered as well in center city Philadelphia Parking Authority Executive Director Vince Fenerty announced, “free meter parking city wide after 11:00 AM every Saturday between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.” According to official web-site of PPA, Fenerty also announced discounted parking every (more...)

Approval Of Measure To Study Capital Punishment System

Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Delaware/Montgomery) announced that the state Senate adopted S.R. 6, a measure that would create a bipartisan task force and advisory committee to study the capital punishment system in Pennsylvania. Leach, who previously drafted legislation that would repeal the death penalty, expressed satisfaction with the (more...)

Policy Committee Panel Discussion Focuses on Returning Veterans

Young veterans returning to civilian life are facing an uphill battle at home as they seek employment, a fact that prompted today’s panel discussion hosted by the Senate Democratic Policy Committee today in Philadelphia. “Our veterans have made tremendous sacrifices serving in some of the most (more...)

$10 Million Grant To Improve Northeast

U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz announced, that a $10 million grant to upgrade more than 100 existing traffic signals along three transit arteries covering nearly 16 miles in Philadelphia—the majority of them along Castor, Oxford and Bustleton Avenues in the Northeast. In October, Schwartz wrote a letter (more...)

Philadelphia:Arts, Culture & The Creative Economy

The Mayor’s Cultural Advisory Council (MCAC) yesterday presented Mayor Michael A. Nutter with Creative Philadelphia: A Vision Plan for Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy; a plan that establishes a clear set of goals, objectives and strategies to realize Philadelphia’s vision for a thriving artistic and creative community. The document is (more...)

Menorah Car Parade in Philadelphia

Hanukkah (sometimes spelled "Chanukah") is known as the Feastival of Lights, a Jewish holiday that commemorates Israel’s freedom from the oppressive Syrian-Greek rule and the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. That is why in Hebrew, the word “hanukkah” means “dedication.” Hanukkah falls on the (more...)

PA Lawyer Jailed For Making Russian Boy Sex-Slave

According to american press, " Philadelphia lawyer has been jailed for making a 12-year-old boy from the famed Bolshoi Ballet Academy his sex slave for six years." Kenneth Schneider, 47, went to Moscow in 1998 where he met a then-12-year-old ballet dancer. At the time, the student Mr Zavarov (more...)

Broad & Vine Intersection:New Redlight Camera

CBS News reported, "that the 20th red light camera in Philadelphia is now up and running in Center City." It is on the Broad and Vine intersection with a  camera. The camera is snapping pictures of drivers who do not stop on the red light There was a two-month (more...)

Dickens Village Show

A Philadelphia tradition for more than 20 years, the third floor of Macy’s is transformed into “Dickens Village” for the holiday season. The 6,000-square-foot Village brings Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol to life with more than 100 fully animated figures reenacting 26 of the story’s (more...)


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