Barack Obama Visits Philadelphia

On Wednesday, April 06, 2011, President Obama visited a Gamesa, Bucks County wind turbine plant, to discuss his plans on energy as well as reach out to voters for his re-election campaign. Obama’s goal is reduce U.S. oil imports by one-third
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Repealing Joint and Several Liability is Irresponsible

Repealing Joint and Several Liability is Irresponsible

State Senator Daylin Leach posted an op-ed piece on his site in regards to the repeal of a common law doctrine known as “Joint and Several Liability”.  “Under this doctrine, if a person is injured because of the negligence of 2 or more parties, an injured victim may recover the (more...)

Contactless Cards in SEPTA

Contactless Cards in SEPTA

SEPTA is implementing a new smart card system that will allow for purchasing fares on Septa transportation with the use of a credit, debit, or prepaid card.  The cards will need to hold the “contactless” technology that simply involves placing the card near a ticket machine as opposed to actually (more...)

Union To Protest Against Art Museum Funding

Protest Against Art Museum Funding

On April 11, the Philadelphia Museum of Art will request $2.4 million in city funds for ongoing security at the Parkway endzone. They’ll do so before City Council at 12:45 pm and will be met by a mass protest organized by the Philadelphia Security Officers Union. For over (more...)

I-95 next toll road

I-95: next toll road?

Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey are facing issues with balancing demands for better transit options while cutting state spending.  Unlike years before, this year will be the first since the financial crisis that states will have to handle their budgets without assistance from federal stimulus funds. Both Governor Christie of New (more...)

Dilworth Plaza Plans Discussed

Center City District president and CEO Paul Levy presented CCD's plan for the transformation of Dilworth Plaza, located on the western side of City Hall, to a joint meeting of the Center City Residents and Logan Square Neighborhood Associations at the Franklin Institute on Monday. After (more...)

Discount on Solar Power for Philadelphia

Discount on Solar Power for Philadelphia

A company by the name of One Block Off The Grid (1BOG) is encouraging homeowners to adopt solar power by offering group discounts for panels and installation services.  Through their website, 1BOG describes the three main problems that consumers face when going solar. 1.      Green home improvements are expensive 2.      Big ticket (more...)

Why People Are Coming to Philadelphia

Why Are People Coming to Philadelphia?

Over the past decade, Philadelphia’s population has grown by 0.6 percent to 1,526,006.  This is exciting for the city considering that the population has been declining over the past 50-years prior to the year 2000. Have people really noticed Philadelphia?  Why are people coming to Philadelphia?  According to Mayor Nutter, (more...)

Wildwood: Wrongly Spending Tax Dollars

Gary DeMarzo, Mayor of Wildwood, and assistant Wildwood municipal attorney, Samuel Lashman, have been indicted for alleged official misconduct. DeMarzo apparently used taxpayer money to pay legal fees for a case against DeMarzo in 2009-10. While the exact dollar amount has not been released, DeMarzo supposedly spent between $200 and $75,000 of (more...)

Names of Suspended Philadelphia Priests Begin to Surface

As Lent began, 21 priests in Philadelphia were placed on administrative leave due to accusations of sexual abuse or inappropriate behavior towards minors. These priests were forced to leave their archdiocesan residences and banned from celebrating mass.  While the priests were not publicly identified by the archdiocese, news outlets have been (more...)

Philadelphia Ambulance Fraud Investigation Continues

Fox 29 has continued the hunt for Philadelphia ambulance fraudulent activities. They have been investigating local private ambulances for quite some time and discovered numerous economical violations that seem to be very common with Philadelphia ambulance businesses. It’s been reported that in many companies patients are not appropriate to be (more...)

Looking to Philadelphia for Japan disaster relief

Looking to Philadelphia for Japan disaster relief

The Japanese community in Philadelphia has reach out to Philadelphians asking for help in regards to the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit northern Japan.  Currently, Philadelphians who want to help can go to in order to find out more information. This is the website for the Japanese America (more...)

The Delaware River Duckboat Tragedy Under Investigation

The Delaware River Duckboat Tragedy Under Investigation

The National Transportation Safety Board, on Monday, released transcripts for the event in the Delaware River last summer when an immobilized Ride the Ducks boat collided with a barge.  Two Hungarian teenagers were the only fatalities of the accident which involved 35 passengers and two crew members on the Ride (more...)

The Mood of The City

“The Mood of The City”

Pew (Philadelphia Research Initiative) poll relized results of new survey. Based on the survey, Philadelphians are evenly divided (40 percent/39 percent) over whether we’re on the right or wrong track. "This year, 60 % of residents rate their neighborhoods as excellent or good places to live, down from 65 % in (more...)

Splash Fund For Philadelphia Pools

Splash Fund For Philadelphia Pools

Mayor Michael Nutter says that is very important to open and keep open all the city's pools during the summer.. He things, that " pools are an incredible resource for children and adults during hot  summer months in Philadelphia." Just private donations for the second consecutive year, (more...)


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