Tragedy in Pennsylvania: Seven Kids Died in the Fire

Seven children perished in a fast-moving fire in a home on a Pennsylvania dairy last night. The children - aged from seven months to 11 years have been in Mennonite family's two-story house in Loysville, about 40km northwest of Harrisburg, the
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Young Lawbreakers At Philadelphia Mall

Young Lawbreakers At Philadelphia Mall

One day last week 35 teenagers met at Wendy's around dinnertime at 15th and Chestnut, in Center City and started to hassle pedestrians, overturned tables and display signs in the Liberty Place mall. But police officers quickly quelled the unrest by arresting five teens 14-17 years old and dispersing others. Daily News (more...)

The $2.7 Million Project For Terminal Market

The $2.7 Million Project For Terminal Market

In 1993 the historical Reading Terminal Market on Avenue D in Philadelphia got heat and air-conditioning for the first time. Now there is the second time, when the terminal's management is preparing to renovate its eastern edge. The 119-year-old terminal has to adapt to modern times. And if the Historical Commission gives (more...)

To Withhold Wages From City-Employees…

The City Controller's Office and court leaders tries to recoup $1.5 billion in unpaid bail, restitution and other court costs. They started a campaign to withhold wages from city employees who owe money. A letter was sent to 622 persons who owe a total of $1 million. Until April 1 to (more...)

Opposition Forces In Pennsylvania Moving On REAL ID

Opposition Forces In Pennsylvania Moving On REAL ID

In 2005, as part of the military spending bill, a program by the name of REAL ID was passed by the federal government.  REAL ID would replace state driver’s licenses with national identification cards in order to catch and prevent terrorist use of state id’s. These cards (more...)

New Vision For Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Planning Commission has issued a draft version of its vision for Philadelphia in 2035.  A plan like this has been long overdue in Philadelphia where short-term projects were the focus.  This long-term vision will allow projects that will involve every city neighborhood. Some proposed projects include: -         Extension of the (more...)

Hawk Sightings Are not Rare in Philadelphia

An adolescent red-tailed hawk landed on the roof of a black car near Eighth and Market, in Center City, sank its talons into a pigeon, and proceeded to chow down. Having finished its meal, the hawk flew to a nearby lamppost for a postprandial nap. Feathers and entrails flew. Video phones were (more...)

Storms Could Bring Snow to Philadelphia

Storms seem likely to sweep eastward from the Northern Plains to the Northeast next week. Yesterday the temperature reached 66 at Philadelphia International Airport. Last night a cold front from Canada made temperatures fall, also making Saturday windy, with gusts of 25 m.p.h. and more. Weekend highs will be in the (more...)

How 19 Cars Were Stolen in Philly

How 19 Cars Were Stolen in Philly?

Philadelphia tried to make you aware of the state no idling law, but it looks like didn’t work. Between Friday, February 4, and Wednesday, February 9, 2011 there were 19 idling vehicles stolen, according to a Philadelphia Police Department press release Complainants would leave their vehicles running unattended to warm (more...)

A Fiery Blast In Allentown

At least three people, ranged in age from 4 months to 79 years old, were killed from the blast suspected of being caused by natural gas, three other people were missing, eight people were treated for minor injuries, local press said. It happened yesterday night in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The blaze leveled (more...)

Ambulance Fraud Investigation

Promised investigations into ambulance companies have started. Fox 29 Investigations informs that the U.S. Attorney has indicted four Philadelphia area ambulance company operators for healthcare fraud. The Gray Eagle Ambulance Co. was charged with carrying out a scheme to fraudulently bill Medicare by transporting patients by ambulance who were able to (more...)

Lenfest Plaza For Art Lovers

Lenfest Plaza is the new civic plaza. And the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) was breaking ground on an new public space. A landscape architectural firm OLIN designed Lenfest Plaza - a 24-hour pedestrian court with the outdoor seating and an upscale restaurant. And it should be to (more...)

Philadelphia International Auto Show

The nine-day Auto Show returned with a 550,000-square-foot display floor showcasing a range of vehicles including pre-production and green models, concepts, exotics and antiques from around the world. The pre-production models are always popular attractions at the Auto Show. The Audi A7, the Bentley GT Coupe, Buick LaCrosse with eAssistTM, Ford (more...)

Philadelphia Mob Underboss Was Arrested

Philadelphia mob underboss Martin Angelina was arrested for allegedly beating his girlfriend. Angelina was taken in after neighbors on Johnston Street, South Philadelphia, called police about a screaming woman who was being beaten.He was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, and reckless endangerment. "A bully running with a gang of (more...)

How Miserable Is a Prostitute’s Life?

Philly is in fighting prostitution activity long time. But the story about Kensington Strangler's recent two-month reign of terror (prostitutes were his victims), brings the question - how miserable a prostitute's life is? Many women talked about nightmares - rapes, beatings, kidnappings and endless nights spent wandering the streets, looking for a (more...)


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