Tom Corbett: “We Are Better Off Today Than We Were Four Years Ago”

On November 2, 2010, Tom Corbett was elected governor of Pennsylvania, succeeding Democrat Ed Randell. Four years later in 20014 Corbett announced his candidacy for re-election on November 8, 2013. Now Election Day is just a couple
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Treasury Announces More Sanctions on Russian Entities

In response to Russia’s continued efforts to destabilize eastern Ukraine, the U.S. Department of the Treasury July 29 imposed prohibitions on additional entities operating within the financial services sector of the Russian economy. The actions target three banks owned by the Russian state and one (more...)

Government Reform Caucus Urges Action on Bills Banning Gifts

The state legislature’s new Government Reform Caucus is urging action on measures that would limit or ban public officials from accepting gifts and cash. State Sen. Rob Teplitz (D-Dauphin/York) and state Rep. George Dunbar (R-Westmoreland), the co-chairs of the bipartisan, bicameral group, joined fellow members of the Government Reform Caucus during (more...)

Assistant Secretary Nuland at U.S.-Ukraine Foundation Conference

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for being here and for your continued support for the U.S.-Ukraine relationship, and thank you for the invitation to speak to you today. I’m still jetlagged from my third trip in five weeks to Ukraine and my days in Kyiv (more...)

PA: Nine Bills That Would Hold Elected Officials More Accountable

A Democratic and Republican state senator teamed up today to propose nine bills that would hold elected officials more accountable, keep lobbyists out of gaming license ownership, and force elected state officials to go without pay if they fail to adopt a timely Pennsylvania budget. Sens. Mike Stack (D-Philadelphia) and (more...)

Re-Elected House Republican Majority Chooses 2013-14 Leadership Team

By acclimation, Smith elected caucus-designee for Speaker and Turzai elected Majority Leader The 111 members of the incoming Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus once again elected Rep. Sam Smith (R-Punxsutawney) as their choice for speaker of the House and Rep. Mike Turzai as majority leader for the 2013-14 legislative (more...)

Women and Weed

Representatives of a new organization “Women’s Alliance of Philadelphia” on their first official meeting have discussed an issue, that causes a great disturbance in the society, about political changes regarding light drugs. This was reported by local media. Pop culture draws women and drugs together; gloss paper magazines start publishing (more...)

Should The City Sell Off Philadelphia Airport?

Does Philadelphia need the airport or PGW? Probably both. But some politicians like Sam Katz want to  sell them off, because the city is looking for money for the budget. Former mayoral candidate Sam Katz now is a chairman of the PICA board, a state agency that signs off (more...)

“Double Eagles” Have Been Found In Philadelphia

CNBC News reported about coins, that are called  "double eagles". The U.S. government rightfully seized a set gold coins from a Philadelphia woman Joan S. Langbord who said she found the rare beauties in her late father's bank deposit box. Why? We found out the answer in Wikipedia. Here is (more...)

Benjamin Franklin Bridge

85th Birthday Of The Benjamin Franklin Bridge

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge celebrates its 85th birthday in July. First time it was opened on July 1, 1926. The project was designed by Paul Philippe Cret and was constructed by Ralph Modjeski. Paul Philippe Cret was born in France, but settled in Philadelphia. He started his firm, that is (more...)

New Pennsylvania Law Allows Birth Certificates for Stillborns

In 2005, Heidi Kauffman was pregnant with her third child and went to her doctor for a routine exam. She was slightly concerned because her baby, who had been kicking quite frequently, had suddenly stopped doing so. The doctor gave her the terrible news: her baby had died inside of (more...)

Enjoy The Fourth, But Keep Your Eyes Out For Anything Suspicious!

Are you ready to celebrate the Fourth of July in Philadelphia? Of course, you are planning to watching the fireworks and festivities. It is great, but do you forget about security, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey says to CBS News. "There are no specific threats, there will be heightened security for (more...)

Philadelphia – Fund-Raising City

President Obama is coming to Philadelphia. His visit could complicate the afternoon rush, local press reported. The motorcade is likely to head up I-95 on its way to a reception at the Hyatt at the Bellevue, a few blocks south of City Hall. I-95 will get extra volume after the (more...)

Helping Our Community Members Become U.S. Citizens

National Citizenship Day In Philadelphia

For more than 200 years, America has remained strong because of its diverse citizenship and the common civic values we share. On National Citizenship Day, April 30, 2011, local attorneys will help lawful permanent residents achieve their American dream by applying for U.S. citizenship. Co-sponsored by 15 community (more...)

Barack Obama Visits Philadelphia

On Wednesday, April 06, 2011, President Obama visited a Gamesa, Bucks County wind turbine plant, to discuss his plans on energy as well as reach out to voters for his re-election campaign. Obama’s goal is reduce U.S. oil imports by one-third and get 80% of the nation’s electricity from clean sources by (more...)


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