A $1 Million Prize for Making Smartphones Possible

By Christopher Connell Two American computer scientists have won the $1 million Turing Award — often called the Nobel Prize for computing — for their early-career discovery of an innovative way to make the microprocessors that today power smartphones, tablets and
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Apple Unveils iPhone 7

Apple announced a new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus , as well as a new model of the Apple watch, in a much-anticipated event in San Francisco Wednesday. The new iPhone will not have an analog headphone jack, possibly leading to a significant shift in the way people listen to (more...)

Protesters Set to Back Apple in FBI Fight

VOA News Supporters of Apple in its objections to helping the FBI break into an iPhone used by a mass shooter are planning demonstrations in more than 40 cities Tuesday, including at the FBI's headquarters in Washington. A digital rights group called Fight for the Future is organizing the events at Apple (more...)

Facebook Has Acquired Messenger Service WhatsApp

Facebook has acquired the mobile messenger service WhatsApp for $19 billion. The company will pay $4 billion in cash and the remaining $12 billion in Facebook shares. It calls for an additional $3 billion in restricted stock units to be granted to WhatsApp founders and employees that (more...)

iPhone New Tracking Feature Invades Privacy

A latest software upgrade from Apple for iPhone iOS 7, includes a capability for brand corporations, retail stores, attraction places and other visitor friendly location to track users and their movement indoors and out with alarming accuracy. A new software name iBeacons, tracks and records  customer's movement and  features store coupons (more...)

Next iPhone 5.S: Faster Processor And Better Camera

According to AllThingsD., "Apple is expected to unveil its next iPhone at a special event on Sept. 10. The company will debut a new lower-cost iPhone alongside whatever update it has in store for the current iPhone 5." Analysts have said the " next iPhone, which some call the iPhone 5S, (more...)

SmartVP Now Available for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Individuals in Pennsylvania

Deaf individuals across Pennsylvania now have access to a free, innovative new videophone that provides almost life-like video conversations through the television Deaf individuals throughout Pennsylvania now have access to SmartVP—a new, innovative videophone unveiled with a limited release in April by Purple Communications, Inc. SmartVP combines the latest in (more...)

Philly311 Releases Language Assistance Widget

Philly311 has released a new widget, called Language Assistance, which will help non-English speaking residents learn about language services and community resources through the Philly311 Mobile App. In addition to English, information on language assistance is now available in the five most requested languages: Spanish, Korean, Russian, Chinese (Traditional) (more...)

Peace Corps Volunteers Create Mobile Language App

Peace Corps volunteers, working closely with Zambian software developers, have developed a mobile application that will translate English words and phrases into any of seven languages spoken in Zambia. “Bantu Babel” is now available for Android-compatible devices in the Google Play store, the Peace Corps said in an (more...)

Philly311 Mobile App Available In 16 Languages

The City of Philadelphia Managing Director’s Office and PublicStuff have worked together to make the Philly311 mobile app now available in 16 languages, allowing non-English speakers to communicate with City staff in real-time through the app. Sixteen languages are currently available: Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Russian, Cambodian (Khmer), Italian, Vietnamese, (more...)

Boyfriend Trainer: How to Be Ideal Man

"Crack that whip and teach your guy a thing or two about being the Perfect Boyfriend! When scolding doesn"t work, just zap him, whack him and train him to be your ideal man!" reads the description for the "Boyfriend Trainer" app. This is a free "game", when (more...)

New App For iPad And iPhone Protects Whales

North Atlantic right whales are on the brink of extinction, and a leading cause of their death is collisions with cruise and shipping vessels. A new iPad and iPhone app offers a way for ships to reduce the collisions. Whale Alert gives real-time warnings triggered by buoys that (more...)

Happy Birthday, SMS!

"Merry Christmas!" - this was the first short text messages, that the British telecommunications company employee Neil Pepuort sent to colleagues 20 years ago, according to the media. In 1989, the idea of  the new technology - SMS (​​sending texts via mobile phones) has been realized by a (more...)

Philadelphia Announce Mobile App To Access L&I Property Data

Mobile app is part of the Philly311 app, City encourages building on L&I app’s source code The City of Philadelphia announced the Department of Licenses and Inspections (L&I) mobile app, a new civic engagement tool that is part of the existing Philly311 app.  Now residents can both report (more...)

Why Comparing Gadget Insurance is Best Option for Technology Freaks

The people associated with the present century are claimed to be busy and modern where every single person owns his or her personalized tools, referred to as gadgets, which have the ability to assist life. These gadgets vary according in purpose, size, shape, and brand. Some (more...)


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