U.S., Allies Reject Internet Regulation in Telecom Treaty

The United States, Canada, Great Britain and Australia are among about 20 nations that refused to sign a new treaty on global telecommunications, which has been in development at the World Conference on International Telecommunications in Dubai,
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Little Telescope Spies Gigantic Galaxy Clusters

The all-sky infrared maps created by NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) have revealed one distant galaxy cluster and are expected to uncover thousands more.

These massive structures are collections of up to thousands of galaxies bound together by gravity. They were born out of seeds of matter

Why Did You Become an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs from around the world explain how and why they became successful.

Craig Newmark
I’m an accidental entrepreneur, having started Craigslist around 16 years ago as a hobby. The deal was to give back to the nascent online community, since [Internet users] were very helpful even back then. However,

Herschel Serves Up Solar Systems with Extra Comets

Astronomers have discovered vast comet belts surrounding two nearby planetary systems known to host planets. These cometary belts could have delivered oceans to the innermost planets. The findings are based on observations from the Herschel space telescope, a European Space Agency mission with participation from NASA. Last

Happy Birthday, SMS!

"Merry Christmas!" - this was the first short text messages, that the British telecommunications company employee Neil Pepuort sent to colleagues 20 years ago, according to the media. In 1989, the idea of  the new technology - SMS (​​sending texts via mobile phones) has been realized by a (more...)

Philadelphia Announce Mobile App To Access L&I Property Data

Mobile app is part of the Philly311 app, City encourages building on L&I app’s source code The City of Philadelphia announced the Department of Licenses and Inspections (L&I) mobile app, a new civic engagement tool that is part of the existing Philly311 app.  Now residents can both report (more...)

Shopping Online? Beware of Counterfeits and Criminals

By Stephen Kaufman Staff Writer

Shoppers around the world are making online purchases in increasing numbers, but buyers should beware of the corresponding increase in online criminals trying to take advantage of them. For the first time, U.S. and European law enforcement agencies have partnered to coordinate the seizures of

Crossroads Ahead for Global Info Tech, U.S. Official Says

By Charlene Porter Staff Writer At the global conference on information technology (IT) convening in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 3–14, the United States is ready to defend policies that will support “infrastructure, innovation and inclusion,” according to Julius Genachowski, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission

Space Station Crew Returns to Earth

By Charlene Porter Staff Writer

The Expedition 33 crew returned to Earth November 19 from the International Space Station, landing the Soyuz spacecraft in northeast Kazakhstan after 127 days in space. Commander Suni Williams of NASA, Russian Soyuz commander Yuri Malenchenko, and Flight Engineer Aki Hoshide of the Japan

Mars Rover Reports Weather, Radiation Data

By Charlene Porter Staff Writer After more than three months on Mars, the rover Curiosity is using its scientific instruments to give Earth-bound scientists a view of the changing seasons on the Red Planet The rover carries 10 sophisticated instruments — known together as the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL)

New Titan Supercomputer Named Fastest

The new “TOP500” list of the world’s fastest supercomputers released November 12 named Titan, a new supercomputer at the U.S. Energy Department’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the most powerful in the world. Ten times more powerful than its predecessor, the Jaguar system, Titan

Why Comparing Gadget Insurance is Best Option for Technology Freaks

The people associated with the present century are claimed to be busy and modern where every single person owns his or her personalized tools, referred to as gadgets, which have the ability to assist life. These gadgets vary according in purpose, size, shape, and brand. Some (more...)

Rover Offers Clues on Mars’ Atmosphere, Past and Present

The rover Curiosity has sent back its first sniff of the Martian atmosphere, and NASA scientists are analyzing what the findings mean about the habitability of the planet at some time in the past. The Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument, seen here before the mission launch, took

U.S. Partnerships Reduce Soot Emissions

By Charlene Porter
Staff Writer
School buses, locomotives, garbage trucks and fleets of other dirty machines are being replaced thanks to funds provided by the U.S. Environment Protection Agency. EPA has announced winners of $30 million in grants for replacing or re-fitting diesel-fueled equipment with more environmentally friendly technology (more...)

Now in Saturn’s Orbit, Cassini Marks 15th Anniversary

By Charlene Porter
Staff Writer
An unmanned spacecraft orbiting Saturn celebrated a solitary anniversary of 15 years in flight October 15, still on the job, sending back data about the ringed planet in our solar system. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has been managing the Cassini mission since its launch (more...)


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