Blogging’s Impact on Media and Change in Arab Countries

Blogging’s Impact on Media and Change in Arab Countries

By M. Scott Bortot Staff Writer Award-winning Egyptian cyberjournalist Wael Abbas says Arab regimes are fighting a losing battle when it comes to stopping activists from expressing themselves online. “Any regime, no matter where it is, is made up of
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The PaperPhone Can Do All

The PaperPhone Can Do All!

Wow! They did it - flexible smartphone from  electronic paper!  A prototype of it has been created from a collaboration between researchers at the Human Media Lab at Queen's University, Canada and Arizona State University's Motivational Environments Research group, some information agencies reported. The PaperPhone can do (more...)

Apple’s Sales Are Strongly Higher In 2011

Apple’s Sales Are Strongly Higher In 2011

Quarterly net profits is of $5.99bn (£3.6bn), nearly double what it made a year ago, Apple reported. Apple sold 18.65 million iPhones, a rise of 113%. But iPad sales were 4.69 million, below analysts' expectations. Sales of the company's computers were strongly higher, up by 28% from a year ago. Apple's figures (more...)

Second Episode Of Your Pennsylvania Available On ITUNES

State Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Delaware/Montgomery) today announced the second episode of the podcast series, “Your Pennsylvania”, has been posted to and iTunes. The series, which premiered last month, highlights the important work and interesting stories of workers around the state. This episode examines Pennsylvania’s attempts to investigate “White Nose (more...)

U.S. Announces Initiatives for Electronic Vehicles

U.S. Announces Initiatives for Electronic Vehicles

By MacKenzie C. Babb Staff Writer U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu has announced two initiatives to help meet President Obama’s goals of reducing oil imports and putting 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2015. “First, the department is partnering with Google, private industry and our National Renewable Energy Labs to collect (more...)

Guide Aims to Help Internet Users in Repressive States

Guide Aims to Help Internet Users in Repressive States

By Jeff Baron Staff Writer A leading advocacy group for Internet freedom is offering a user’s guide for tools to get around government censorship. The authors of the Freedom House report said they surveyed hundreds of Internet users in four countries with extensive censorship to see what circumvention tools (more...)

Cyber Crime Ring In US

Cyber Crime Ring In US

U.S. authorities have shut down a cyber crime ring that used malicious software that took control of more than 2 million PC’s worldwide and led to the theft of over $100 million. The computer virus, named Coreflood, stole bank credentials and other data which was used to steal funds.  According to (more...)

Social-Media Gigolo in Philadelphia

Jaitass Dhanoa, 27, stoled women's hearts, then their identities and savings. He preyed on women, using social-networking sites, including and He lied about his name, citizenship and employment. He convinced each woman that she was the love of his life, then fleeced them for thousands of dollars. He (more...)

U.S. Robots Sent to Assist in Japan’s Recovery Efforts

By Kathryn McConnell Staff Writer They can see around corners, traverse rugged terrain and pick up materials too dangerous for humans to handle. The unmanned robots recently sent by two American companies and a government laboratory are intended to aid workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in northeastern Japan, which (more...)

Delete Personal Data

“Right To Be Forgotten”

The Internet has been something of a Wild West long time. But it started to change,  in Europe and the United States regulators begun to pull in the reins. The first question was how companies such as Facebook and Google handle users' personal data? According to the European Union information, (more...)

Microsoft sues Barnes & Noble

After numerous attempts to license their technology, Microsoft has decided to sue Barnes & Noble in addition to two electronics manufacturers on the allegations of patent infringement. Microsoft’s patents include:

  • The ability to load webpage’s content prior to background images in order to view the webpage faster.
  • Small programs indication of download status.
  • Technology

Southwest Airlines Facing Inspections

Southwest Airlines plane park is about to face a thorough inspection after an embarrassing and extremely dangerous incident that luckily didn’t become an accident — with one of the planes. Boeing 737 — traveling from Phoenix to Sacramento, California — had to perform an emergency landing at a military base (more...)

Google Takes Another Shot at Social Networking Through “+1”

Google has added an experimental feature to their repertoire called “+1”. After conducting a search on Google, you can “+1” the websites in your search results that you believe are the most relevant and the sites which you think are the best. It is similar to a Facebook “Like”. If (more...)

Microsoft vs Google

Computer industry giant Microsoft has announced its intention to make a complaint to European Commission about Google, accusing this company in excluding its competitors from the market of search engines, thus breaching antimonopoly legislation. Microsoft’s general counsel Brad Smith has accused Google in noncompetitive use of its search engine with a (more...)

Text Messages to Help Russian Mothers and Babies

By Sally Rountree Staff Writer Capitalizing on social technology, pregnant women and new mothers in Russia will have a new way to access health care information, thanks to a U.S.-Russia partnership offering free text messages. Text4baby-Russia, an innovative program modeled after its successful launch as text4baby in the United States, (more...)


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