U.S. Devotes Billions to Drug Treatment And Prevention

The United States devotes billions of dollars each year to rein in international drug trafficking, with programs to control domestic demand for drugs, engage in joint law enforcement activities with numerous international partners and promote training and
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U.S. Sanctions Against the Alleged “Authority” of “Fraternal circle”

The U.S. Treasury Department imposed sanctions against seven members of the post-Soviet authorities, serving around the world, and the two Japanese yakuza. According to a press release, " it is the first step on the basis of an executive decree on combating international organized crime, issued by U.S. (more...)

Shooting at Western Psychiatric Clinic in Pittsburgh, PA

According to authorities, two people have died and seven are injured after gunfire at Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic in Pittsburgh on Wednesday. A gunman opened fire in the lobby of the clinic, armed with two semi-automatic handguns, the mayor said to press. Police were able to wound the gunman who (more...)

36 People, Including Doctors & Lawyers, Were Arrested in NY, NJ

36 people, including 10 doctors and three lawyers, were arrested in New York and New Jersey, and one defendant was arrested in Minnesota. The suspects in the scheme, mostly Russian-born U.S. residents, used more than 100 bogus medical clinics to bill more than $275 million in fraudulent (more...)

Ohio: One Student Killed, Four Injured In School Shooting

One student has been killed and four injured in a high school shooting in Chardonnay, Ohio, on Monday morning. The teenager opened fire in a crowded school cafeteria. A student who witnessed the attack told US media it appeared that the gunman targeted a group of students sitting together. Local TV (more...)

Goldman Sachs Programmer Freed From The Prison

A former Goldman Sachs programmer Sergey Aleynikov, 42, has been arrested in March of 2011. He was found guilty of espionage for allegedly taking the codes to start a new trading system at another firm and should serve 8 year prison sentence at the federal prison in Fort Dix, (more...)

DeWeese Corruption And “Bonusgate”

The new political scandal blow out in Pennsylvania named as “Bonusgate”: 25 defendants have been swept up, but the central figure is the former House Democratic leader, State Rep. Bill DeWeese, according to local media. News reports that DeWeese were " getting state bonuses for political work", using (more...)

U.S. Acting on Reducing Domestic Drug Demand

By Stephen Kaufman Staff Writer The Obama administration says it recognizes the importance of reducing the American demand for illegal drugs alongside its ongoing efforts to provide assistance to Central American nations in stemming criminal activity and the flow of drugs from their territories. The White House’s National Drug Control (more...)

December 2011 Welfare Fraud Adjudications

Eight Pennsylvania residents pleaded guilty to welfare fraud and/or were sentenced for their crimes during December, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) announced today. "It's only fair to taxpayers that scarce public assistance resources are reserved only for those who are truly eligible," Inspector General Kenya Mann (more...)

Students Arrested In Bucks County Cell Phone Thefts

Bensalem police (Bucks County) arrested the group of teenagers, who stolen cell phones and reseled them. They were operating inside the halls of Bensalem High School. " Police say they were notified in September by school officials about an unusually high number of thefts inside the school involving cell (more...)

NJ Child Sex Abuse Bill Would End Statute Of Limitations

The State of NJ decided in abolishing the state's child sexual abuse statute of limitations regarding civil court actions involving child sexual abuse and other sexual based crimes. Numerous police complaints regarding child sexual abuse have been filed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York City regarding deceased philanthropist pedophile Ed Savitz. Back (more...)

Cannabis Bush Instead Of Christmas Tree

Ian Richards, 46, from Britain grew a large cannabis plant to look like a Christmas tree, according to local press. He made the cannabis plant resemble a festive tree by growing it to 5ft tall and decorated it with balls. But he will spend the festive season not behind this tree, (more...)

Shooting In Virginia Tech University

22-year-old Ross Truett Ashley, a part-time student at Radford University in Radford, Va. shot dead a campus police officer at Virginia Tech on Thursday before killing himself, officials said. According to press, " Ashley had entered a real estate office in Radford on Wednesday and demanded (more...)

19 Adopted Russian Children Have Died

A U.S. court has cleared a parent accused of the death of his adoptive Russian son: a 12-member jury has found Brian Dykstra not guilty of killing his 21-month-old Isaac in 2005. According to Itar-Tass," the press service of Russian Ombudsman for Children Pavel Astakhov said the little Russian (more...)

Teenager Faces Cocaine Haul Charge

CBS News reported, that "a teenager from London was charged with drug trafficking in the US after 13kg of cocaine was found in her luggage." She was arrested at Miami International Airport, where she landed from Jamaica. A student from Upper Norwood is 17 years old. She has since turned 18 and (more...)


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