U.S. Voters Set New State Laws on Same-Gender Marriage, Marijuana

President Obama’s re-election victory may have been the worldwide focus of the United States’ Election Day, but the millions of Americans who voted November 6 did much more than choose the country’s next president. As well as electing
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CIA Director David Petraeus’ Extramarital Affair

On April 28, 2011, President Barack Obama announced that he had nominated Petraeus to become the new Director of the Central Intelligence Agancy. Petraeus was sworn in on September 6, 2011 On November 9, 2012, four-star general and Central Intelligence Agency Director David Petraeus (more...)

World Reacts to U.S. Presidential Election

Nations around the globe reacted to the re-election of President Obama on November 6. In the village of Kogelo in western Kenya, where President Obama’s father was born, men, women and children sang and danced in the streets. “Kenya, as always, is proud of our association with you," Kenyan (more...)

How News Media Predict Election Winners

By Stephen Kaufman Staff Writer As election officials across the United States are counting votes several hours after the polls close on November 6, news media outlets will already be reporting results and confidently declaring which states have been won by President Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt (more...)

In Storm-Ravaged New Jersey, Community Needs Transcend Politics

President Obama, center, and Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Craig Fugate, left, watch New Jersey Governor Chris Christie greet storm victims at Brigantine Beach Community Center. Obama, the Democratic nominee to the U.S. presidency, toured devastated areas of New Jersey on October 31 with Christie, an outspoken supporter

“Perversion Files” About The Boy Scout Organization

The Boy Scouts of America  is one of the largest youth organizations in the U.S., that was  incorporated in 1910.  The organization has 2.7 million youth members and over 1 million adult volunteers. The BSA goal is to train youth in responsible citizenship, (more...)

Voter Registration: Last Day

According to CBS News, today, October 9th, is the last day to send in your Pennsylvania voter registration forms. In a last-minute rush, thousands of voters across the state turned in voter registration forms . Reminder: if you want to vote in Pennsylvania you must be 18, be a US (more...)

Peace Corps Helps Renovate Homes in Ukraine

Peace Corps volunteer Natalie Legrand of Charlotte, North Carolina, is working with a nongovernmental organization in her Ukrainian community to support 10 capital repair projects that will improve the quality of living and housing conditions for many local families. The project also marks the launch of the “Energy (more...)

FREEDOM Support Act 20th Anniversary

The Freedom for Russia and Emerging Eurasian Democracies and Open Markets Act — also known as the FREEDOM Support Act (FSA) — was signed by President George H.W. Bush on October 24, 1992, to enable a consolidated U.S. approach to providing assistance to Eurasian countries following

The First Human Being to Walk on The Moon Has Died

The first human being to walk on the moon has died. Neil Armstrong, commander of the Apollo 11 mission that touched down on the moon on July 20, 1969, died August 25. He was 82. Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing mission, was launched July 16, 1969. On July 20,

U.S. Treasury Authorizes Assistance for Iran Earthquake Victims

By MacKenzie C. Babb
Staff Writer
The U.S. Treasury Department has lifted restrictions to make it easier for American nongovernmental organizations to offer financial aid to earthquake victims in Iran. “The United States has made it clear that it would offer assistance to the Iranian people as they recover and (more...)

Reporters Band Together, or Not, to Uncover Corruption

This article is part of the eJournal USA issue "Partnerships Against Corruption."
By Andrzej Zwaniecki In 2010, seven reporters based in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the United States set out to report on offshore tax havens. The investigative effort was put together by the Organized Crime and

Weather Causes Rise in Food Prices

By Kathryn McConnell
Staff Writer
Weather problems in major agricultural areas of the United States, Russia and Brazil led to a 6 percent rise in global food prices in July after three months of decline. Prices remain volatile, according to the United Nations agency that tracks food prices. The July (more...)

Pro-Pussy Riot Concert in Washington D.C.

On August 10th, by the entrance of the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C., groups Brenda, Mobius Strip, and Sad Bones held a concert in sympathy with Russian punk-band Pussy Riot, whose three members have been imprisoned for almost half a year after their now worldly known punk-prayer at Moscow Cathedral (more...)

U.S. at OSCE on Russian Law on Foreign Agents

United States Mission to the OSCE Statement on Russian Law on Foreign Agents As delivered by Political Officer Tim Fingarson to the Permanent Council, Vienna The United States notes with concern the proposed draft legislation currently scheduled for its first reading in the Russian Duma, July 6. If passed, the law would (more...)


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