Martin Luther King Jr. Day: A Time to Serve Others

By Jane Morse Staff Writer The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., who is remembered in the United States on the third Monday of January each year, is perhaps best known as America’s chief spokesman for nonviolent activism as a result
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“Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over” In Effect Until Jan 1

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood kicked off a nationwide crackdown on drunk driving coinciding with the 2011 winter holiday season,said that the Department of Transportation. "Safety is our focus year round at DOT. But this holiday season, we're stepping up our efforts to get drunk drivesr off our roads and reminding (more...)

New Year’s Day: A Time for Fresh Beginnings

By Jane Morse Staff Writer New Year’s Day in the United States is a time for fresh beginnings, hope for a better future and resolutions to change one’s behavior for the better. Observed January 1, New Year celebrations actually begin the night of December 31 with parties, concerts, fireworks and (more...)

Václav Havel Exposed Emptiness of Repressive Ideology

By Stephen Kaufman Staff Writer As an artist, Václav Havel spoke the truth to his country about one-party rule and the denial of basic human rights in the former Czechoslovakia during its four decades of Communist rule. As a dissident, he was jailed, blacklisted and harassed until the 1989 (more...)

U.S. Winter Holidays: New Year

Winter in America is full of religious and cultural celebrations that highlight the many heritages and interests of the American people. The New Year represents new beginnings and the hope for better times.  Parties, concerts and events of all kind mark the end of the old year and (more...)

Why Do We Need To Buy A Gun?

In November, after Black Friday the numbers of gun-selling was very high, according to the press. While 3D televisions and iPhones stole the media spotlight, GUNS were the big surprise of Black Friday. Americans purchased firearms at a breakneck pace, bolstering their private arsenals. The Federal Bureau (more...)

New Meaning Of Black Friday

Black Friday has passed. Did you enjoy it? Well, if no consequences, and that in fact the traditional start to the festive shopping season was marred by shootings and pepper-sprayings as bargain-hunters stampeded stores in California.

Many stores saw crowds rushing in as they opened at midnight - several

Stalin’s Daughter Died in the U.S.

Svetlana Peters (née Alliluyeva), the daughter of Soviet ruler Josef Stalin, died in Wisconsin on November 22nd at the age of 85, though the news of her passing away was announced by local authorities only today. In 1967 she went to India to participate in funeral ceremony for her late husband (more...)

Journalists’ Arrests At “Occupy Wall Street” Demonstrations

United States Mission to the OSCE Response to EU on Journalists’ Arrests at “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations As delivered by Ambassador Ian Kelly to the Permanent Council, Vienna November 17, 2011 " There are few issues of greater concern to the United States than the state of Media Freedom within OSCE participating States. (more...)

Thanksgiving: A Favorite U.S. Holiday

By Louise Fenner Staff Writer Thanksgiving in the United States is a time to gather with family and friends, share a traditional meal and express gratitude for the good things in life. It can also be a time of service to others in the community. Celebrated on the fourth Thursday (more...)

2011 U.S. Elections Important Despite Low Turnout

By Bridget Hunter Staff Writer Despite broad encouragement in the form of leaflets, yard signs and automated telephone messages known as “robocalls,” millions of American voters stayed home from the polls on Election Day 2011. Across the country, a few districts reported voter turnouts of more than 50% of registered (more...)

How the U.S. Decided When to Vote

Americans go to the polls for general elections on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. If this seems like a needlessly complicated way to schedule a vote, it didn’t seem so in 1845, when the day was set. The United States was largely an agrarian society (more...)

Honoring Native Americans

Every November, National Native American Heritage Month celebrates the enduring contributions of the first Americans to the history and culture of the United States. The month is designated by Congress and the president as a time to reflect on the rich traditions and accomplishments, as well as the (more...)

Philanthropists for Work to Eradicate Hunger

By MacKenzie C. Babb Staff Writer Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton have joined with World Food Program USA to honor philanthropists Howard Buffett and Bill Gates for their work to eradicate global hunger. Thanking the two recipients of the 10th annual George McGovern Leadership Award (more...)

World War II Code Talkers Honored on Veterans Day

One of the highlights of recent Veterans Day parades in New York has been the appearance of the Navajo Code Talkers, who performed a unique role in the U.S. military during World War II. As young Marines on the battlefield, these bilingual Native Americans transmitted secret military communications (more...)


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