Labor Day: An Ode to the American Worker

Unlike other U.S. holidays, Labor Day does not pay tribute to a person or memorialize a historic event. It gives voice to the American worker. The innovation surge that drove manufacturing during the 19th century had given rise
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Putin Breaks The Law: Global Speak Out Day Announced By All Out On September 3

Events around the world are planned on September 3rd to call on world leaders to speak out against the anti-gay law and push president Putin for immediate repeal All Out is calling for a global response to Russia’s anti-gay laws ahead of the G20 summit in St Petersburg on September 5 (more...)

Obama Names Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipients

A former U.S. president, a celebrated Latin jazz musician and a world-famous media mogul and philanthropist are among the 16 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients announced by President Obama on August 8. “The Presidential Medal of Freedom goes to men and women who have dedicated their own (more...)

International Youth Day Celebrates Youth on the Move

Today’s youth, who have access to relatively cheap and easy means of transport and information about opportunities beyond their borders, are more likely than ever to migrate, according to the United Nations. A recent U.N. report finds that young people represent a major proportion of people migrating (more...)

Jamestown, Cradle of U.S. Democracy

Colonial settlers forged representative government in New World By Lauren Monsen USINFO Staff Writer Although Virginia’s Jamestown settlement -- the first permanent English settlement in the New World -- was launched in 1607 as a commercial venture by London shareholders, it quickly evolved into the English New World’s first (more...)

U.S. Law Unleashes the Abilities of the Disabled

Why should intellect, spirit and ambition be tethered by a less-than-perfect body? They shouldn’t! And the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes sure that they aren’t. Now celebrating its 23rd year as law, the ADA is a comprehensive mandate to eliminate discrimination against people with disabilities. It has helped millions (more...)

Snowden Had Been Granted Temporary Asylum

Russia's Federal Migration Service officially confirmed that Former U.S. intelligence contractor Mr Snowden had been granted temporary asylum for one year, Interfax news agency reported. Russian lawyer Anatoly Kucherena showed to AP Television a copy of a temporary document that allows Edward Snowden to (more...)

It’s August; Why Are So Many People at Work?

U.S. workers have the shortest paid vacations among developed and emerging market countries. Unlike most developed nations, the United States does not require employers to give employees a minimum number of vacation days. And it happens that U.S. employers are less generous in awarding paid vacation than those in (more...)

Doing Well by Doing Good

What is social entrepreneurship? Employing tactics from government, civil society and the private sector, social entrepreneurship seeks to address social issues through collaborative creation and widespread adoption of new solutions. Social entrepreneurs see social issues as opportunities to create positive change. They aim to achieve this change (more...)

U.S. Decries Violence Against Journalists

By Jane Morse Staff Writer During a July 17 debate at the U.N. Security Council, the United States condemned violence against journalists and called for their protection, especially as they report on armed conflicts. “Impunity for violence against journalists must end,” said Ambassador Rosemary DiCarlo, acting permanent representative to the (more...)

Crew Describes Tough Task of Rescuing Missing Boaters

By Jarrod Chavana Joint Task Force Bravo Public Affairs This article was originally posted to the U.S. Southern Command website on July 14. Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras — On July 2 a U.S. Army UH-60 helicopter at Soto Cano Air Base was dispatched to the Caribbean Sea to help locate (more...)

All Out Condemns St Petersburg, Russia Pride Arrests

60 people were reportedly arrested in St Petersburg for marching in gay Pride “All Out is appalled St Petersburg, Russia Pride attendees were arrested,” Joe Mirabella, Director of Communications for All Out said. “No one should be arrested for celebrating who they are or who they love.” “More than 185,000 people worldwide (more...)

Asiana Airlines Plane Crash-Lands at San Francisco International Airport

On Saturday an Asiana Airlines passenger jet Boeing777 crash landed at San Francisco International Airport, according to the media.There were 291 passengers and 16 crew on board, at least two people were killed. They were Chinese citizens, according to South Korea's Transport Ministry. More than 100 people were hurt, rescue teams took (more...)

U.S. Independence Day Celebration

The founders of the United States knew that independence was something to celebrate. And although U.S. Independence Day celebrations have evolved over time, July 4th festivities remain an important part of American life. But Independence Day wasn’t supposed to be on July 4. In the spring of (more...)

Supreme Court Decisions Highlight Evolving Nature of Civil Rights

By Bridget Hunter Staff Writer It might seem strange that in a government of the people, by the people and for the people, the guardianship of constitutional rights rests with nine individuals appointed for life, yet that model has served the United States effectively for more than two centuries. The (more...)


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