Nine Countries: Losing My Religion

According to general census of population, that was conducted in nine countries: Australia, Austria, Ireland, Canada, Holland, New Zealand, Finland, Czech Republic and Switzerland — shows, that religious views of their citizens fizzles out. Though, there should be a reservation: only these countries’ census contained the question about religious views, so the spread of indifference toward religion in the world might be much wider.

Scientists, with the help of gathered statistical data and mathematical method of modeling, came to the conclusion, that in future these countries may completely reject any religion and go over to atheism or agnosticism.

Such social transformation, in scientists’ opinion, may follow the path of dying languages. For example, people prefer those languages that are spoken by a majority, and make them even bigger. At the same time, languages spoken by minorities would lose the rest of their speakers and die.

Same scheme is possible to happen with religion. The more people would reject it, the less people would follow it. In Czech Republic 60% of the population already do not apply to any religion.

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  1. Rhalmi says:

    The same claim that religions would die out was announced in the 60s. Nothing has happened. People may give their back to religious beliefs at one time in their lives, but they may also turn back to their faith when they need it.


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