No No To Lemonade Stands

Last week my friend was running down the shore and came back, extremely dehydtrated, and told me that the local lemonade stand that little girls have always run had been shut down. I asked her, “Why?”. And she said it had to do with not having a valid license. I thought no, that can’t be the case. And… yet it is.

YahooNews! recently reported that police have been busting and shutting down multiple lemonade stands if the children do not have a “permit”. I know as a writer the goal is to stay unbiased, but that is just absurd to me.

A specific case that caught my attention was three young girls in Georgia that were busted for selling glasses of icy lemonade right outside their house. What were they raising money for? Crack cocaine? Pot? To afford tickets to a local water-park!

This permit, of which the GA law speaks, states that every stand must pay 50 dollars a day to operate the stand. I’m guessing that’s twice the amount that the girls will bring in on a given day.

Another crazy lemonade story (who knew there would even be one), during the U.S. Open in June, Montgomery County, Maryland police officials fined some young children $500 each (!!!) for setting up a lemonade stand, according to NPR.

And what were these little rascals trying to save up for? Crack cocaine? Pot? Charity!

When someone gives you lemons (like these police did), you make lemonade. When someone fines you for your lemonade… do you give the police back their lemons? It’s all very philosophical and existential for six-year-olds (let alone me).

Danielle Petersen

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