Northeast Philadelphia Residents Won The Case About Methadone Clinic

Last summer about 750 Northeast Philly citizens and some politicians raged against the proposal of northeast Philadelphia methadone clinic. They took their case to the zoning board to appeal, when found out that 200 to 700 drug users would be receiving methadone there each day.

This week the Zoning Board of Adjustment ruled that the permit for a proposed methadone clinic in Northeast Philadelphia will be overturned.

Resident Dominic Paris, who owns a commercial property down the street, said last summer to, that it will hurt the neighborhood.

“Property values are going to go down hugely people aren’t going to be able to sell their house next to a medical facility that dispenses methadone because that kind of clientele is something that is not going to look good for you as an individual or homeowner,” said Paris.

Business owner Michael Kaplan grew up in the area.

“This is about dope, legal dope, and we don’t need it in our neighborhood which we are trying to better,” Kaplan said to .

“This extremely important ruling is the culmination of months of work, which has brought local residents together and strengthened our community,” State Rep. Kevin Boyle said to the media. He is one of the legislators who’d fought against the clinic on the 7900 block of Frankford Avenue.

At the neighborhood meeting 100% residents were opposed to the clinic.

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  1. Janel Dovak says:

    This is a touchy situation.&as always debate.I personally think N.E.Philadelphia needs More,yes more MMT programs!For these people to wanna chance to change their lives/SAVE THEIR LIVES IS INCREDIBLE&THEIR BUSINESS,.When done correctly or the patient does as supposed to,This treatment “Does Work”.Now everyone is different so it doesn’t Work for all.but,those it does .well put it this way it Definitely does work when used,prescribed,&given appropriately.I just think it’s VERY UNFAIR TO SOME 1WHO IS WILLING TO SWALLOW THEIR PRIDE,ASK FOR HELP&REALLY REALLY ARE READY TO TRY TO GET THEMSELVES TOGETHER TO have to take numerous buses/el/subway/s train etc. to a horrible neighborhood to get their dose.It not only will take them all day but put them back in some xs the same area where they prior to were buying other substances.&if they aren’t stabilized or strong enough”yet”alot of xs these r closer than the clinics .It’s Very Very Sad.Everyone deserves a2nd chance&truthfully,there’s alot more “drug sales&use that need more attn.than a Positive MMTprogram.


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