Nutter Visited Center City To Ensure A Hospitable Climate

On Saturday night Mayor Nutter visited Center City to reassure tourists and residents after a wave of attacks on pedestrians by roving youths.

He went bowling with hundreds of teenagers in Kensington.

“He bowled, and there was a walk-around in parts of Center City,” Nutter spokesman Mark McDonald said to local press. – “I think it was an effective evening for showing if we can organize events for kids, some portion of them will attend.”

But a few dozen youths were picked up for violating curfew.

The 20 recreation centers around the city were also kept open until 10 p.m. Saturday to provide activities.

Police reported about stabbing victim, 16, who “was walking with friends to a bus stop when she was stabbed in the arm by an 18-year-old male”. She was treated at the hospital for Children and released. Corey Maxey, 18, was arrested Sunday morning. Police said they recovered an item shaped like a house key.

Nutter said:  ” We are going to continue to promote the positive, but we will also have continued enforcement of the curfew. It is strict and serious and there are no exceptions.”

Police  enforced a curfew that requires children under age 13 to be home by 10 p.m. and teenagers under 18 off the streets by midnight.

More police were deployed to Center City as part of the mayor’s “holistic strategy” to address violent teen mobs, Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Everett Gillison said. Police may ask youngsters for identification.

Minors and parents who let their children violate the curfew will be penalized, Nutter said in a prepared statement. The maximum fine for staying out is $150.

Nutter also urged parents and guardians to be vigilant throughout the weekend.

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