Old City With New Face

In April Nutter and other city representatives visited Old City businesses to realize on what the city could do better to help develop a stronger business environment, and increase foot traffic in the neighborhood.

From the monthly First Friday art and free wine stroll businesses have good profit, but it is not enough for whole month. Business owners and community groups said, that Old City is an area local has more to offer than what is on the surface.

It is the center of fashion, art, design and entertainment. Just one problem: partying in the area has started to scare away customers. Business owners thing, maybe this aria needs an undercover officer…

Old City District, a community business improvement organization, works to raise and reinvest money in the neighborhood which helps make the neighborhood more livable.

They hope, that new businesses opening up shop in the area and more families moving in has brought a sense of vitality to this historic community.

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