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A window, just like any other detail of a stylish interior, needs a quality design. And it doesn’t matter in what style you wish to decorate your street view.

The important thing is to make curtains and blinds a harmonious part of the entire design of your house or apartment.

However, to choose the perfect style if you are not a professional in interior design could be challenging. To find true professionals who treat their work as an art is hard but not impossible.

Boris and Diana Margolin – are one of them. Their brainchild company “Pampered Windows” is a classical example of a commercial success, reached by long years of hard work, search of new forms and materials, something special and personal.

Now the hand of “Pampered Windows” could be recognized by irreproachability of window drapes. They not only decorate many homes in Philadelphia, but create a special atmosphere, accentuating a unique style of their owners.

After 23 years since the business has been established, it seems that this fantastic passion for the science of beauty and design brought Boris and Diana together.

When they met for the first time, Boris worked as a jeweler, and each of his creations was a little piece of wonder.

Diana was studying in the Philadelphia University of Art, and wished to become a woman clothes designer.

A fanciful world of textile with an intertwining of different traditions, cultures and art carried her away. She started creating models, so far just on paper.

When she showed them to Boris, he was surprised and fascinated. They started making their own exclusive “window tracery”.

They began working together. Diana was creating a design and Boris was organizing its realization.

Classical window design, in their opinion, makes any interior look solid and complete.

They can talk for hours about their work.

– Before I start working on a design, – Diana says, – I talk to the clients, and identify their taste, interests and even their world-view. And only after that I proceed to develop the future model. Some clients are even surprised: “How did you know that we needed exactly this?!”

Simple: while talking to clients, she makes a list of their preferences and draws a draft.

– It could be any style, – Boris explains. – Classical, modern, art-deco. What is close to the customer’s culture and traditions.

Once one of their clients ask them if they could upholster her walls with the same material as window drapes. That’s how a new service was added to their design menu. Now the ceilings in such restaurants like Beige & Beige and Steven Starr’s Dandelion are upholstered with gorgeous drapes by “Pampered Windows”.Nowadays the design by “Pampered Windows” could be safely called an art because none of the models repeats another. It becomes an absolute exclusive, harmoniously completing the interior style.

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2801 Grant Ave. • Philadelphia • Pennsylvania • 19114

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