Philadelphia Cardinal Rigali Resigned

Philadelphia Cardinal Rigali, 75,  resigned, months after renewed accusations that the Catholic Church covered up child sex abuse.

Pope Benedict XVI did not act on it until now.

” Cardinal Rigali has been Philadelphia archbishop since 2003 and his retirement was expected this year”, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported, “In 2005, a Philadelphia grand jury said Cardinal Rigali’s predecessor, Cardinal Joseph Bevilacqua, and his predecessor, Cardinal John Krol, knew priests were sexually abusing children but transferred the priests among parishes.

Then, in February 2011 a second grand jury report said at least 37 priests were kept in assignments that exposed them to children despite “substantial evidence of abuse”.

New Philadelphia Cardinal is Archbishop Charles Chaput, 66, from Denver. He is known as a staunch conservative and a vigorous opponent of abortion rights.

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