Philadelphia News 21st Multicultural Vendors Event Promotes Local Businesses

The North East of Philadelphia, which presents a lot of different cultures and traditions, became a home for Philadelphia News 21st Multicultural Vendors Event.

In dedication of 21st Anniversary of Philadelphia News newspaper, the event took place at Restaurant Samarkand, was free and opens to the public. Families could enjoy food and wine testing, chess tournament, entertainment, raffles, face painting, vendors, free vendors bags and more.

Hosting by Philadelphia News newspaper and SBNGME (Small business networking Group, this event reinforced friendships in the community, promotes exciting local businesses, and showcases everything that makes North East of Philadelphia out as a neighborhood with different cultures and vibrancy.

It was the great opportunity to create new contacts, meet new people, unite and raise awareness of the international community.

Philadelphia News 21st Multicultural Vendors Event was built with a strong belief in the revitalization efforts of Northeast Philadelphia and aims to serve as not only an engaging community event, but also a small business supporter

We want to thank all the vendors, contributors,advertisers and sponsors for their participation in celebrating the 21th Anniversary of Philadelphia news ( and Small Business Networking Group (SBNGME) Multicultural event

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