Philly Grown Chef’s Tasty Autumn Recipe

Now that Halloween has passed, its on to the next, even greater American tradition – Thanksgiving – and what says thanks giving more than a traditional pumpkin pie.

Whether your looking to celebrate Thanksgiving the traditional American way or just want to cook up something delicious, pumpkin pie is certainly the way to go. Philly grown prominent chef, Jose Garces provided a recipe – that is both simple to make yet remarkably good – in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

The recipe is as follows: roast a halved and cleaned pumpkin seasoned with salt and olive oil for 30 minutes, or until tender. Remove flesh. Mix with caramelized onions, a roasted, peeled and sliced poblano pepper, toasted pumpkin seeds and Chihuahua cheese.

Press a heaping of mix between two corn tortillas and griddle on both sides. Garces, who honed his cooking skills in Philadelphia, along with Stephen Starr and a few other chefs has helped make this one of the greatest food cities in America.

His first restaurant is the wildly successful and popular restaurant Amada in Old City. You can also see Garces on the Food Network on the popular American cooking competition show, Iron Chef, since he’s won the Top Iron Chef competition.

Garces Trading Company, and JG Domestic, adding great culinary flavor to the city.

(Photo courtesy Garces Restaurant Group)

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