Police: Anti-Cop Note Found at Scene of Deadly Philadelphia Rampage

A gunman suspected of being motivated by hatred for law enforcement killed a woman and wounded two police officers and three civilians in Philadelphia before he was shot and killed by police.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said police found what he described a “rambling” note at the scene of the Friday night rampage. Police think the gunman wrote the note, which expressed hatred for the police and named a probation officer.

“This is a completely bizarre situation,” Ross said.

A police chase and shootout through city streets after Sergeant Sylvia Young, a 19-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department, was ambushed while sitting in her patrol car.

The gunman, who was still unidentified and was thought by police to have acted alone, shot her a number of times in the arm and protective vest and later wounded Ed Miller, a University of Pennsylvania campus police officer.

He also fired into a bar, striking a security guard, and grabbed a woman, using her as a shield before shooting her in the leg.

The gunman then fired into a car, hitting a man and woman. The woman, struck in the chest, died later.

Police said Saturday that the two wounded officers and the three other people injured remained hospitalized and were in stable condition.

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