Porch at 30th Street Station

On Market St., between 30th Street Station and the site of the former US Post Office building a new public space – “The Porch” at 30th Street Station has been open in November.

The parking lane along the Market Street side of 30th Station was closed to create the 50-foot-wide sidewalk for the public space which will feature new plantings, a farmer’s market, community programming like weekly yoga and kickboxing classes.

The Porch is now a 40-foot-wide space complete with tables and chairs, umbrellas and foliage, and should make this area more pedestrian-friendly. The Porch is also part of a more “capital intensive” vision for this area of the city.

While the winter might be a slow time for the new public space, there are a series of spring performances scheduled.

The project, which cost about $300,000 and was paid for with the help of a grant from the William Penn Foundation, has been in development for eight years . The name of the new space was chosen from some 500 entries submitted by the general pubic.

Michael Nutter said this project is part of a larger plan.

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