Pot Fairy Does PA Deliveries

Philadelphia suburbs residents receive weird parcels.

Not so long ago an elderly couple from Upper Darby received a parcel… with 5 pounds of high-quality marijuana. They immediately brought it to the local police station. The return address is Arizona turned out to be fake.

Another PA resident has found the same parcel at her doorsteps: again 5 pounds of weed, return address in Arizona. The police said the address was fake.

Local police officers say that people bring such misaddressed parcels with marijuana up to dozen times a year.

A dentist from New York City has received even a bigger shipment: 31 pounds of marijuana. On the black market it would be priced at $20,000.

So there are three questions to think about:
1. Who is that mysterious “pot fairy” sending random people this illegal packages?
2. Why is it that easy to transfer drug traffic through ordinary post?
3. Do all the receivers of such packages take them to the police?

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