Property Assessment Accepts Applications For the Homestead Exemption

The City of Philadelphia announced that the Office of Property Assessment will accept applications for the Homestead Exemption after the September 13th deadline through December 1st.

“To ensure that every eligible Philadelphian has the opportunity to apply for the Homestead Exemption and receive this important tax relief, the Office of Property Assessment will continue to accept applications,” said Mayor Michael A. Nutter.  “This tax savings program is free to apply for and will ultimately help put extra money into the pockets of Philadelphia homeowners, on average $402 in savings each year.  I want to encourage every eligible, home-owning citizen to apply for the Homestead Exemption as soon as possible.”

The Philadelphia Homestead exemption offers real estate tax savings to homeowners by reducing the taxable portion of their property assessment by $30,000.  Homeowners should still apply as close to the September 13th deadline as possible, so that the savings can be reflected in their 2015 real estate tax bill.

Homestead applications can be submitted:

  • By phone – You may call the Homestead Hotline (215-686-9200) to file your Homestead Exemption.  Language assistance services are available through the Hotline.  The Hotline hours are of operations are Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Please note: the Hotline will be open Saturday, September 13th from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m and Monday, September 15th from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m..;
  • Paper application: Paper applications can be downloaded from and dropped off at one of five drop box locations:

o   The Office of Property Assessment, 601 Walnut St, 3W (Curtis Center);

o   311 Walk-In Center at City Hall;

o   Concourse Level of the Municipal Services Building, 1401 JFK Blvd.;

o   Northeast Philadelphia Mini City Hall, Northeast Shopping Mall, 9239 Rear Roosevelt Blvd.; and

o   North Philadelphia Mini City Hall, 2761 N. 22nd Street.

Only primary residences are eligible for Homestead Exemption.  Individuals who own vacation or rental properties are not eligible for the Homestead Exemption for those properties.   If a homeowner’s property includes commercial or rental space, homeowners are still eligible to receive the Homestead Exemption for the portion of the property that is their primary residence.

There are no age or income level restrictions for the Homestead Exemption Program.  Homeowners who are tax delinquent are eligible to apply.  Homeowners who have mortgages are also eligible for the Homestead Exemption.

If your property previously received the Homestead Exemption, you need not reapply.  Once awarded, the Homestead Exemption remains attached to a property until the property is sold or the deed changes.

To check the status of your Homestead Exemption application or to calculate your tax bill, use the AVI Calculator: to

The Homestead Exemption application period is the same for new homebuyers.  Due to a lag in updates to ownership records, new homebuyers should apply via a paper Homestead application and affidavit, both available on—and and provide a copy of the deed or HUD-1.

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