Rangers to Install New Safety Measures After Fan’s Death

We’ve all heard of the Texas Rangers’ Baseball fan, Sharon Stone, and his untimely death as he tried to catch a free ball tossed up to the crowds by an outfielder, Josh Hamilton. He tipped over the railing and fell 20 feet. His son was next to him when it happened. Of course, this was a tragedy, and the Rangers released a statement offering their condolences and promising to do something about the inadequate height of their railing. This was 2 weeks ago. Last week, it almost happened again! This week, the Rangers are making true to their word.

City Limits say that guardrails must be 26-inches high. Well, the Rangers thought their 32-inch guardrails were more than satisfactory. Apparently not. Because it will take some time to raise all the guardrails up in the entire stadium, the Rangers are taking immediate steps.

The most prominent precaution they have taken so far is to add yellow signs that read “DO NOT LEAN, SIT ON, OR STAND AGAINST RAIL”. Also, this same warning will be spoken aloud at the beginning of all future games. Further, in due time it is likely that other teams will catch on and hopefully will start taking precautionary measures before a similar tragedy occurs to their fans.

The Rangers’ next home game is Friday night. Let’s hope for a safer experience for all the fans.

Danielle Petersen


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