Jessica Regam – US Chess Champion

It’s hard to foretell, but it looks like Jessica Regam, once set out on this path, strives for victory and wont give up on it. One month ago she won the title of champion of US in the age group of 14 year old children (40 challengers took part in it) at the All-Girls National Championship 2010.

Being a student of Wissahickon Middle School (city of Ambler), Jessica won the hearts of the judges and experienced chess-players with elegant and professional strategy, combative spirit, and great will for victory.

None of Jessica’s friends thought, that she would be so into this ancient game, but it’s obvious now, that she’s in love with chess, and won’t change her mind.

– I enjoy developing tactics and go start to the attack method; I love to think and win these battles. – says Jessica.

It all started very commonly: parents (IT-programmers) – Nina and Sam Regam (immigrants from Baku, Azerbaijan) decided to fill the free time of their twins – Jessica and Jay – with useful activities. Among a great variety of different hobby groups, Sunday Schools, and sports they’ve chosen what would help their children to develop logic, thinking, and discipline, chess. Both the kids started to play this game at the age of 6. After a short amount of training Jessica’s coach was not able to coach any longer, but the desire to play chess was already planted in Jessica and it only grew stronger with time.

That’s how Jessica and Jay came to the US Chess Academy, led by the international-class master of chess – Roland Yakobashvili.

– That was our luck, – says their mom Nina. – Of course we are very grateful to our first coach – a master of chess from Kharkov – Maria Aidenchik. She helped our children with their first steps in this field but after joining the US chess Academy, the classes became more intensive, children started participating in tournaments, and they achieved their first victories. Certainly, a great part of it is the achievement of Roland, as he has an outstanding tutor’s talent. He knows how to captivate students to work, and missing a class became a tragedy.

Jay applies to chess, as the intellectual pastime, but for Jessica – it is a serious hobby. She wants to become a doctor, but she cannot live without chess.

Now every weekend Jessica participates in different tournaments. Parents accompany their daughter, forgetting about their own days-off, friends meetings, entertainments…

In 2007 Jessica’s score was 700, and she has raised it up to 1900 in the US Chess Academy.

Being an A+ student, she prefers math and science to any other disciplines. But in everything she does, she’s always number one.

– Jessica’s commitment could be an envy of any professional chess-player, – says Roland Yakobashvili. Perseverance and the will to win are the components of her success. But first of all – she has a talent for it. I’m sure, that if Jessica continues to strive towards her goal, she will achieve a bright future on the chess Olympus.

As an international master of sports, and former head of the Soviet Union Olympic school in Russia, Roland Yakobashvili has invaluable experience and coaching instinct for such forecasts.

The fact remains: today thirteen-year-old Jessica Regam is the champion of America. And it’s a pride and joy of her parents, teachers, relatives, friends, Jessica herself, and all of us.

The charming girl’s green eyes sparkle with joy and say: “You’ll see, my greatest victory is ahead!”

In the fairytale Alice in the World of the Looking-Glass everybody was a chess-piece. The main heroine started the game as a pawn from the second rank and finishes at the eights rank as a queen. We wish Jessica to be a queen in anything she chooses! Good luck!

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