Russian Recipe: Okroshka

The prefect Russian cold soup, prepared on the base of russian Kvass, is Okroshka. It is very light and refreshing which makes it the perfect soup for any time of the year. The perfect ingredients might be hard to find in an American market but any Russian market will surely house the ingredients that will make your Okroshka splendid.

Russian Markets in Philadelphia include: Bell’s Market, Net Cost Market, Gastronome, Howdy Produce, Petrovsky Market, Holland Market, and many more.

Kvass is often a difficult ingredient to find but it can be replaced with mineral water, kefir with boiled cold water, or sometimes light beer. Although these are all replacements, kvass itself will produce the best tasting soup.


2 potatoes
Half of  an english cucumber of medium size (or 2-3 baby cucumbers)
0.5lb of bologna (can be replaced with the same amount of boiled vial or beef)
4 eggs
1 small bunch of radish
15 oz of canned sweet peas
1 bunch of fresh dill
1 small bunch of green onions
5 tbsps of sour cream
2 tbsps of dijon mustard
1.5-2 quarts of kvass (russian bread drink), you may replace it with kefir diluted with cold boiled water or mineral water
Salt and ground black pepper


1. Prepare ingredients: boil potatoes for salad in advance, prepare hard boiled eggs and sweet peas.

2. Skin potatoes and dice them, put them into the big cooking pot.

3. Dice bologna (you can replace bologna with boiled vial or beef or even ham if you like), add diced meat to the pot.

4. Add sweet peas to the pot.

5. Dice cucumber and add it to the cooking pot, if cucumber is ripe you can remove seeds and skin it.

6. Dice hard boiled eggs.

7. Cut radishes, rinse them with cold water and slice, put them into the cooking pot.

8. Add chopped fresh dill and green onion.

9. Add salt and black pepper, put 2 tbsps of mustard and about 5 tbsps of sour cream, some also add mayonnaise at this step.

10. Mix everything. You can also mix in-between each step. either way works.

11. Add about 4 cups of bread kvass (filter it if is needed) and let Okroshka settle before serving.

12. Add a little bit more kvass before serving.

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