Sen. Stack Joins Call for Corbett to Restore University Funding

Sen. Mike Stack joined the Association of Pennsylvania State College & University Faculties today to demand that Gov. Tom Corbett fully restore the funding slashed from the 14 state-owned universities.

Stack (D-Philadelphia) said Pennsylvania’s budgets should no longer be balanced on the backs of students and their families.

“Ever since this governor has been in Harrisburg, he’s targeted Pennsylvania’s 14 great universities as the place to balance his budget at the expense of families,” Stack said. “It is wrong. It has always been wrong, and I’m pleased to lend my voice and support to APSCUF to stop this trend in its tracks.”

Stack said Gov. Corbett’s 18 percent slash of the State System of Higher Education budget 2 years ago, and his subsequent orders to hold funding steady, are forcing state-owned universities to cut professors, phase-out programs, and fire managers and staff members who are being punished for bad state budgeting decisions.

“State System schools have been decimated by Gov. Corbett’s callous budget cuts,” Stack said. “Make no mistake: these cuts are not cutting fat, they are cutting bone.

“Students are beginning to suffer with fewer educational choices. Professors are being laid off and our unemployment rate is bound to follow with a significant uptick … again. And, parents and students will get a backdoor tax increase as tuition climbs onward and upward.

“Failing to fund our colleges properly decimates our knowledge economy, and Gov. Corbett should know better because he comes from one of the crown jewels of the knowledge economy: Pittsburgh. Our universities are a strength of our economy. Let’s keep them that way.”

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