Snow Cleanup Costs $6 Million

According to city officials, for winter snow cleanup hits $6 million before this week’s monster storm,

This money covers overtime for city workers as well as paying for contractors and salt. Last year, when the historic storms blanketed the city, snow-removal cost about $18 million.

In this year last month Philadelphia received $1.8 million in federal aid to help defray the cost.

A storm on last Wednesday and Thursday slammed the city with freezing rain and 15 inches of snow.

Some residents still complain about the speed of the city’s street cleaning.

But city workers yesterday were digging, and a top mayoral aides urged patience.

They said that although 99% of the city’s roadways had been plowed and treated with salt, a “hard pack” of icy snow remained stuck on many streets. She said salt and sunshine work best to fix this. 850 tons of salt have already been used.

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