Stack Praises Passage of Holocaust Education Bill

State Sen. Mike Stack praised Senate passage of a bill that will ensure that future generations of Pennsylvanians will understand the causes and effects of genocides and other crimes against humanity, including the Holocaust.

“Despite the awful and overwhelming historical evidence, there are still fringe elements who want to downplay or deny some of humanity’s worst tragedies,” Stack said. “We can never forget the Holocaust and it can never happen again. This bill will make sure that our students are prepared to enter adulthood with an understanding of history’s darker days and a better grasp of how to prevent future atrocities.”

Under House Bill 1424, the state Department of Education will prepare and advise on school curricula related to the Holocaust and other atrocities in history.

School curricula will include the breadth of the history of the Holocaust; the definition, history, response and actions taken in the face of genocide; and personal responsibility in the face of the abridgement of human rights.

“The Holocaust happened more than 50 years ago, but a cursory review of today’s world news shows that the seeds of repression and even genocide lie close to the surface in fertile ground around the world,” Stack said. “In these circumstances, America must play its role as the protector of the oppressed and champion of freedom. We can only do that if future generations are educated and prepared.”

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