Student, Arrested In Cairo, Is Back To Philly

When the Drexel University  student  Greg Porter arrived at Philadelphia International Airport’s international terminal was greeted by family members and media guyes.

He was arrested by police in Cairo during a pro-democracy riot. He returned to the United States and was “so thankful his parents, attorneys, university and embassy officials.

Porter, 19 and two other American students were arrested for allegedly throwing firebombs at police from a rooftop in the American University of Cairo, near Tahrir Square, the heart of the protests.

Attorney Theodore Simon said about Porter: “He presented himself as someone much more mature than his 19 years, given the extraordinary difficulties he was facing,” and said he had remained calm throughout his detention in Cairo.

Attorney Theodore Simon had worked with co-counsel in Egypt, and represented Amanda Knox, the American exchange student whose murder conviction in the death of her roommate in Italy was recently overturned.

Gates and Sweeney, the other two students arrested with Porter, also flew home from Frankfurt Saturday.

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