Study Names Top Cities on the Rise in Pennsylvania

NerdWallet considers population, employment and income growth

NerdWallet, a consumer advocacy website, recently conducted a study to find the fastest-growing cities in Pennsylvania – Carnot-Moon ranked first, followed by Wilkinsburg and Carlisle.

To find Pennsylvania’s fastest-growing communities, NerdWallet evaluated 88 cities, towns and census-designated places and examined the following variables:

  • Population growth
  • Employment growth
  • Income growth

When we analyzed the numbers for Pennsylvania, certain trends became apparent. Here’s what our top places had in common:

  • Income and population outpace employment. While Pennsylvania’s gains in median income and population were impressive, employment growth was moderate or negative in all but two of our top 10 places.
  • Metro areas were still strong. While there was no geographic center of growth in Pennsylvania, most of our cities were clustered around the historic metro areas of Pittsburgh, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and Philadelphia.
  • Employment options are homogenous. In almost every entry on our list, the top employers included manufacturers, hospitals and local and federal government offices or agencies.

“Pennsylvania weathered the recession well, and recent figures indicate that its economic recovery is likely to continue,” said Kamran Rosen, an analyst with NerdWallet. “Whether with its proven industries, or through emerging ones, Pennsylvania’s economy appears to be on a positive path for years to come,” said Rosen.

Other places in the top ten include Waynesboro and Ephrata. See the full study here.

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