Summer Styles

These are the trends that come in with the first beach day and are gone by jacket-weather. Oh, but what fine trends they are!

I’ll start with the best news first: crochet is back! BCBG is doing 80% off their eyelet and crochet white dresses. It’s like wearing a little piece of Woodstock or New York’s upper east side (depends what you do with it).

Another summer trend is color blocking. You can see it on celebs from Carey Mulligan to Jessica Alba. Taking a vibrant top with a sharp end that suddenly turns into another vibrant bottom is more “now” than Jennifer Anniston’s love-life. Pair a Barbie pink cap-sleeved top with a hot-orange pencil skirt and you are good to go.Make sure to keep accessories and makeup to a minimum so you don’t look like a walking piñata. For shoes, keep it nude.

Here’s a summer trend that won’t damage that wallet, $5 sunglasses. It’s so unnecessary to wear your good Burberry aviator sunglasses on the beach, on the boardwalk, playing by the water. Also, it’s risky. For the beach, get simple shades from a stand for 5-10 dollars and make sure their outer layer is your favorite color. If you want them to be heart-shaped, star-shaped, knock yourself out.

The last piece of summer-time wisdom I’ll share with you is the big symbol of summer– the owl. I’m not sure why, but this little guy is popping up everywhere from pocketbook rims to jewelry holders to necklaces. Purchase him in a tarnished gold to go with both cold and warm colors in your wardrobe.

A barely-there white bikini with your favorite bright shades on top… there’s nothing sexier. You’re a summer-time goddess if you cover that up with an ivory crochet sundress and strap color-blocked wedges on your feet.

Fall comes soon enough so enjoy summer with its flashes of colors and its bendable fashion rules. Just watch out for us mere mortals getting ready for the 9:00-5:00.

Danielle Petersen

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