Super Bowl:What Type of Beer To Drink?

Sunday is a big day of Super Bowl. And many fans should decide what type of beer to drink during the four-hour television broadcast.

The choice of lager or ale for the game between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers could depend on whether or not you’re a football fan.

It could be something that will let you get through the four hours. Or you can go with something that may have a bit more flavor and alcohol.

Lagers would go very well with pierogies, the boiled, baked or fried dumplings that are part of that city’s football diet, suggest Andy Rich of the Penn Brewery in Pittsburgh.

A lot of the brew masters give you some advises what bratwurst and meal is great for Super Bowl.

Another fact of the big day: district Attorney Seth Williams is warning Philadelphians to keep their hands in a bowl of chips or on a beer instead of using them to assault their spouse.

He called news conference because there’s a heightened awareness about domestic violence around the time of the Super Bowl.

The study of  National Resource Center on Domestic Violence’s (NRCDV) is showing Super Bowl Sunday to be the third-highest day of the year for domestic violence.

Williams said that, in his personal experience, domestic violence increases during snowstorms, and after Eagles and Fyers losses.

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