Trump’s Son-in-Law May Play Big Role in Administration

VOA President-elect Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, played a large behind-the-scenes role in propelling the candidate through the primaries and into the White House, and now it appears Kushner could fill an important spot in a Trump administration. According to news reports,
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Mayor Nutter Congretulates New Administration Appointees

Mayor Michael A. Nutter issued the following statement regarding the recent appointments by Mayor-elect Jim Kenney of current City officials to positions within the new Administration: “I want to congratulate the men and women who have served in my Administration and who have been chosen by Mayor-elect Kenney to continue serving (more...)

AstraZeneca Layoffs 7,300 More Workers

Pharmaceutical Company AstraZeneca is going to cut 7,300 more jobs in all branches worldwide, according to CBS News. AstraZeneca bases in London, but has facilities in Wilmington and Newark, Del. It will cut 7,300 more jobs " because of declining fourth-quarter profit and prospects for less revenue in 2012 (more...)

The Change In Immigration Family Rule

The Obama administration announced about the change in federal immigration law that "will concede some bootleg immigrants to wait in the United States, not in their home countries, as they find a trail to authorized residency". So families will can stay together in the US while individual members wait (more...)

To Take Over Raccoon Trapping

Aggressive raccoons are a growing problem in Philadelphia. They are bothering residents, getting into trash, and even chasing after children, City Council said. New bill requires the city to develop a clear policy to allow for the trapping of raccoons. It calls only for the “abatement” of raccoons, not (more...)

FDA Halted Imported Products From Japan

The US has put a ban on imported produce and dairy products from Japan.  The US is worried about the possibility of these foods containing high radiation from the radiation leaks at Fuckushima.  The Food and Drug Administration has mad sure that the US will check all products coming from (more...)


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