In Alaska, Linguists Preserve Russian Dialect

By ShareAmerica The town of Ninilchik seems unremarkable. Located on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula about 185 miles from Anchorage, the sleepy village serves as a pit stop for tourists in need of gas as they head south on the Sterling Highway. But Ninilchik’s
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Traveling to the United States

A record 62 million international travelers visited the United States in 2011. From students and tourists to academics and professionals, travelers from all over the world flock to the United States each year to learn, work and catch a glimpse of the landmarks they have seen (more...)

Serious Politician Releases Fascinating Emails… Right

If I have learned one thing it is that time is precious. If I have learned a second thing, it is that I wasted some of mine paying interest to this week’s top story. Sarah Palin continues to shove down our throats the thought of her as a serious governmental official, (more...)

Alaska and Siberia Sustain 12,000-Year Relationship in Beringia

In a region called Beringia, far from the bureaucratic offices in Washington and Moscow, Russian and American ecologists, zoologists, anthropologists and others meet to research and discuss ways to preserve connections that go back thousands of years. Beringia is a vast area that stretches from north of Siberia’s (more...)


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