Farewell: Americans We Lost in 2017

By Lauren Monsen Over the past year, Americans said goodbye to many talented people. Here are 10 who died in 2017, all of whom lived remarkable lives. Music legend Tom Petty, a prolific writer of chart-topping songs since the late 1970s, led his
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Curiosity Radiation Data Guides Planning for Astronaut Safety

By Charlene Porter Staff Writer An astronaut crew aboard the space voyage that took the rover Curiosity to Mars would have been exposed to an excessive level of radiation, NASA scientists announced May 30. Analysis of data collected by a Radiation Assessment Detector (RAD) on board the flight is (more...)

Remembering “Extra-Special” Space Shuttle Flight

By Louise Fenner Staff Writer Joan Higginbotham remembers how the Earth looked when she saw it from the space shuttle Discovery in 2006. There is nothing in space to distort the view, she said, “and when you look down on the ocean there are such vibrant blues and greens (more...)


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