Update on Fire at 3rd & Chestnut Streets

Officials with the Department of Licenses and Inspections today provided the following update in the wake of the fire on the 200 block of Chestnut Street. 239 Chestnut Street has been declared imminently dangerous.  The owner of the property has
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A Building Collapsed In The Center City of Philadelphia

" One woman has died and 13 people have been hurt after a building collapsed in the centre of the US city of Philadelphia," according to NBC News. The collapse happened at 2140 Market Street around 10:40 a.m. A four-storey building fell down, which housed a Salvation Army Thrift Store. (more...)

Peace Corps Helps Renovate Homes in Ukraine

Peace Corps volunteer Natalie Legrand of Charlotte, North Carolina, is working with a nongovernmental organization in her Ukrainian community to support 10 capital repair projects that will improve the quality of living and housing conditions for many local families. The project also marks the launch of the “Energy (more...)

Firefighters Were Killed When Walls Collapsed

According to CBS News, two Philadelphia firefighters were killed on Monday, while battling a big warehouse fire in Kensington early morning. Three others were injured. According to a statement released by the firefighters’ union, Neary was 59 years old. He had 38 years with the Philadelphia Fire (more...)

Green, Affordable Homes Make It Right

Three years ago, Hollywood actor and film producer Brad Pitt decided to help rebuild a low-income New Orleans neighborhood devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Today, his project shows that energy-efficient, green homes are not just feasible — they also can be affordable with a little (more...)

City Hall From Neglect to Greatness

City Hall: From Neglect to Greatness

Tell the truth: how often do you admire the magnificence of Philadelphia City Hall, while being in Center City? It’s impossible not to do so - it looks sublime, gorgeous and attractive among skyscrapers, boulevards and variety of architectural styles. But we bet you didn't know that it was supposed (more...)

Real Irish Pub Offers Guinness

What makes Moriarty’s Restaurant so special? It is an Irish Pub in Philadelphia unlike any other with award winning hot wings, famous Philly cheese steak, or classic Irish dishes. But not just this, Moriarty’s exists in a historical pre-Civil War building that’s lived through major political, social and (more...)

New York City Landlord as Google’s Next Big Revenue Model

Google’s next big revenue model? New York City landlord. The search giant posted on its own blog that it has sealed the deal to purchase 111 Eighth Avenue in Chelsea, where it already occupies 50,000 square feet. value of the deal is more than $1.8 billions.
As part of the deal,


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