Clinton Wins New Jersey, Sanders North Dakota as Trump Lashes Out

VOA Ken Schwartz As former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got her first win in Tuesday's primaries, in the New Jersey, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump accused her of "selling access" to the State Department when she was
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American Voters Re-Elect President Obama

By Stephen Kaufman Staff Writer After a closely divided American electorate gave him a second four-year term, President Obama called for unity and appealed to a shared hope for the country’s future. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney telephoned the president November 7 to concede defeat. After accepting the call, Obama (more...)

The Third and Final Presidential Debate is Today

The second presidential debate between former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and President Obama offered the only opportunity for American voters, rather than just a debate moderator, to pose questions to both candidates. Their chosen topics reflected a U.S. electorate whose main concern is the state of the (more...)

U.S. Comedians Eagerly Await Presidential Debates

By Stephen Kaufman
Staff Writer
Up to 50 million viewers are expected to tune in October 3 to the first of three debates between President Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. While there are plenty of news stories describing the debates as a last chance for the candidates to (more...)

U.S. Election Procedures

Thousands of administrators are responsible for organizing and conducting U.S. elections, including tabulating and certifying the results. These officials have an important and complex set of tasks — setting the exact dates for elections, certifying the eligibility of candidates, registering eligible voters and preparing voter (more...)

American Electorate Has New Face for 2012 Race

A U.S. voting booth does not ask about race, religion or ethnicity. The ballot carries the names of the candidates but not the name of the voter. The only pieces of personal data known absolutely are that the voter is at least 18 years of age and (more...)

U.S. Elections: 2012 Primary Schedule

The 2012 Republican primary/caucus schedule below is based on the most current information available from state election boards. (President Obama’s nomination by the Democratic Party is not contested.) For those states holding primaries, voters go to polling places and cast their ballots. In caucus states, voters gather (more...)


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