State, Federal Investigators Take Over Florida Bridge Collapse Probe

The death toll stood at six Friday in the collapse the day before of a pedestrian bridge under construction on the campus of Florida International University. The number was expected to climb as searchers dug through rubble, where several cars
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SUVs Dominate at New York Auto Show

VOA Tina Trinh Whether classic or futuristic, the cars at the New York International Auto Show are nothing canadian pharmacy in spring hill fl if not flashy. As automakers unveiled the latest models to get consumers revved up, the theme this (more...)

Considering Life Without Owning a Car

By Jason Alderman Most baby boomers couldn't envision their early adult years without a car. However, times are changing and younger commuters are leading the way. According to an October study ( by U.S. Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG) and the Frontier Group, millennials – those born between 1983 (more...)

How to Pay Less for a New Car

By Jason Alderman Late last year, my wife and I were in the unenviable position of needing to shop for a new car, since the used car lease I'd assumed was about to expire. I knew it would probably have to last until my kids were well into college, so I (more...)

Electric Cars Advance in U.S. as Tesla Motors Repays Loan Early

Cleaner vehicles are part of the federal government’s comprehensive plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, build “clean” industries and reduce the nation’s dependence on imported oil, the Department of Energy says. White House National Security Advisor Tom Donilon said in April that U.S. energy-related greenhouse gas emissions (more...)

Cities’ Heat Changing Weather in Far-Away Places

The heat that seeps out of leaky buildings and the warmth of cars purring in traffic contribute to the mass of heat that pulses into the atmosphere from urban centers. Scientists are now getting a handle on how that heat behaves in the upper atmosphere and influences (more...)

Free Saturday Parking for Holiday Shoppers In Center City of Philadelphia

“The Philadelphia Parking Authority is pleased to join with Mayor Michael Nutter and be a part of spreading the holiday joy and encouraging shoppers to patronize local merchants during the holidays,” , PPA Executive Director Vince Fenerty said. He announced that, “to support holiday shopping, meter parking city wide will (more...)

Amtrak Improvement Plan For Northeast Corridor

According to CBS News, Amtrak is out with a new capital investment plan for the Northeast Corridor , which merges years of work on improving existing service with a bold vision for the next four decades that could include an airport stop and a tunnel in Philadelphia. Amtrak (more...)

Ending Costly Emissions Mandate Passes First Test

A bill that would exempt new cars from emissions inspections for 10 years cleared the Transportation Committee today, state Sen. John N. Wozniak announced. Senate Bill 1532 also exempts hybrid and electric cars from emissions inspections. “It’s time to update our automobile mandates to reflect reality,” (more...)

Speed Limit Could Get 70 MPH On Some Sections of Pennsylvania Turnpike

New bill would allow for a 70-mph speed limit on some areas, as they are already permitted to make the speed limit 65 on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Now there is 55 mph as the “default” speed limit. New measure had approved by the House Transportation Committee. CBS News said, that "some (more...)

List of 25 Greatest Cars by Playboy

Do gentlemen prefer blonds or brunettes? That's right: they prefer... gorgeous cars. Playboy magazine, which presents not only beautiful ladies, but also beautiful cars, has composed a list of “25 Greatest Cars Of All Time” for its May issue. Unsurprisingly, the list is packed with two-seat sports cars, muscle cars, (more...)

Wozniak Bill Waives Inspections for Newer Cars

State Sen. John N. Wozniak announced new legislation that would lift the requirement of annual inspections for cars less than two years old. “For purchasers of today’s new cars, the annual inspection is a pointless ritual that serves no purpose,” he said. “Owners of new cars have (more...)

Detroit Auto Show 2012

Every year in early January the North American International Auto Show, which most know as the Detroit auto show, opens the door for everyone. And about 50 new production and concept cars are making their debut on it. The first Detroit auto show, sponsored by the Detroit Auto Dealers Association, (more...)

81st Annual Geneva Auto Show

81st Annual Geneva Auto Show

The 81st International Motorshow and Accessories in Geneva begins tomorrow March 3rd and runs till March 13th.

The massive show includes every car manufacturer that you


How 19 Cars Were Stolen in Philly

How 19 Cars Were Stolen in Philly?

Philadelphia tried to make you aware of the state no idling law, but it looks like didn’t work. Between Friday, February 4, and Wednesday, February 9, 2011 there were 19 idling vehicles stolen, according to a Philadelphia Police Department press release Complainants would leave their vehicles running unattended to warm (more...)


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