Repealing Joint and Several Liability is Irresponsible

Repealing Joint and Several Liability is Irresponsible

State Senator Daylin Leach posted an op-ed piece on his site in regards to the repeal of a common law doctrine known as “Joint and Several Liability”.  “Under this doctrine, if a person is injured because of the negligence of
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Toyota eyes annual sales of 10 million

Toyota Targets Annual Sales of 10 million

Japanese carmaker Toyota is targeting annual operating profit of 1 trillion yen ($12bn; £7.4bn) "as soon as possible". The company  is aiming for global sales of 10 million vehicles a year by 2015. In 2010 it was 8.7 million. Last year, the news for the recall of faulty cars damaged (more...)

One Million Electric Cars Coming Our Way?

Traffic on American roads soon could run a bit cleaner. In his January 25 President Obama challenged the United States to become the first nation with 1 million electric cars. His administration since has announced several initiatives it will ask Congress to fund in the 2012 budget to (more...)

E.I. and Design Group – Perfect Design of Office

Office furniture is an important asset to any company or business. One of the most important things in business is the image your company represents. Philadelphia based company E. I. and Design Group could present your business or firm with a complete office design - beginning with the wall paneling, all the (more...)

U.S. Solar Market Heating Up

The United States is becoming a solar powerhouse as domestic and international companies rush to invest in new projects. A recent study by GTM Research, a market analysis company focusing on renewable energy industries, estimated that the U.S. solar market could grow eightfold to $8 billion by 2015. Driving (more...)

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