Youth Curfew Throughout Philadelphia

Mayor Michael A. Nutter proposed legislation to extend and expand the City of Philadelphia’s curfew for minors as part of a coordinated response to “flash mobs” and teen violence, including more enforcement and sustainable, positive opportunities for young people. “ Today,
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Philadelphia Curfew Protest

Philadelphia Curfew Protest

On August 20th, a protest was held throughout Broad street in Center City Philadelphia shutting down the most populous street in the city.  The protest was against Mayor Nutter’s recent curfew law.  The law states that any minor (17 or under) that is outside of a (more...)

Nutter Visited Center City To Ensure A Hospitable Climate

On Saturday night Mayor Nutter visited Center City to reassure tourists and residents after a wave of attacks on pedestrians by roving youths. He went bowling with hundreds of teenagers in Kensington. "He bowled, and there was a walk-around in parts of Center City," Nutter spokesman Mark McDonald (more...)


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