Britain Under Pressure to Punish Putin Over Litvinenko Poisoning

VOA Luis Ramirez Calls grew Friday for the government of British Prime Minister David Cameron to penalize Russia following the release Thursday of the results of a public inquiry on the 2006 murder of dissident Alexander Litvinenko. The exiled former Russian spy died
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IS Supporters Use Social Media to Celebrate Paris Attacks

VOA Ken Schwartz As it has in many recent global events, social media is playing a large role in the terrorist attacks in Paris. It is not a claim of responsibility, but an Islamic State supporter used Twitter to express joy over the bloodshed. He tweeted the grim words "Paris is Burning" and (more...)

Economic Growth and Jobs Top G8 Meeting Agenda

By Merle David Kellerhals Jr. Staff Writer Global economic growth and expanded employment will be a significant part of the agenda at the annual summit of the Group of Eight major industrialized nations in Northern Ireland on June 17–18, a White House economic adviser says. Coupled with economic growth, the (more...)

England Riots: Four Days Later

According to Scotland Yard, at least 334 people have been arrested and 69 charged following the riots across London over the past three days. The trouble spread outside London on Monday evening and early on Tuesday, with police in riot gear being deployed in Birmingham city centre after (more...)

During European Trip, Arab Spring Is on Agenda

By Jeff Baron Staff Writer The setting for President Obama’s trip this week is Europe, but a major topic on the agenda will be North Africa and the Middle East. The goal is a more democratic, more prosperous region. The president set the stage by delivering a major policy speech on the Middle (more...)

Obama, U.K.’s Cameron and France’s Sarkozy on Libya

Obama, U.K.’s Cameron and France’s Sarkozy on Libya

The following joint commentary by President Obama, Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France appeared in the April 15 editions of the International Herald Tribune, Le Figaro, and Times of London and is in the public domain. No republication restrictions. Libya’s Pathway (more...)


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