Is Georgia Better Off Now Than Before Rose Revolution?

The former Soviet State of Georgia threw off its corrupt and undemocratic government in the Rose Revolution of November 2003, which opened a new chapter in the history of modern Georgia. The post revolution government achieved a number of successes
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20 Years After Russia’s Rebirth

Twenty years ago, Russia's former Soviet Union began its final collapse.  Since then, Russia has seemed to float in some abyss between really coming into its own and the former powers that bound them. Thanks to Boris Yeltsin after the collapse of the Union, the country had (more...)

Secretary Clinton on Ukraine’s National Day

Secretary Clinton on Ukraine’s National Day

STATEMENT BY SECRETARY CLINTON Ukraine’s National Day On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I am delighted to congratulate the people of Ukraine as you celebrate the 20th anniversary of your independence this August 24. Twenty years ago, Ukraine emerged from the shadow of (more...)

Amb. Kelly on Referendum to Cancel Election in Kazakhstan

The United States wishes to voice its grave concern about the ongoing efforts in Kazakhstan to cancel presidential elections and to replace them with a referendum that would allow the president to remain in office until 2020. We recall the situation in 1995 when presidential elections (more...)


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