Why Is It So Hard to Accept People Who May Believe Differently Than You?

K.d. Blogs by PNSBTV One word, ignorance. Why are we still living in a world that has had so many diverse leaders of all different race, religion and beliefs and yet, we as “the people” of the “land of the free,” are
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Voters Elect Governors in 13 Jurisdictions in November 6 Election

By Bridget Hunter Staff Writer Late on November 6, the race for White House was the center of attention as election returns trickled in from across the United States, but results also were being reported in another 13 chief executive contests. Voters in the states of Delaware, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, (more...)

Newark Mayor Rescues Woman From Fire

Newark Mayor Cory Booker just came back home on Thursday evening, when he saw his neighbor’s house on fire. A woman screamed that her daughter was still inside the house. The mayor and two of his security detail ran inside. Fighting through flames, Booker reached the second floor and carried (more...)

Parties Dueling Over Tax Cuts

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