ICYMI: City Speeds Up Process Of Closing Restaurants With Health Violations

In case you missed it, the Philadelphia Department of Health has teamed up with Licenses and Inspections to enhance the city’s ability to close down food establishments that have been cited for health concerns. Phila. health department gets power to shut dirty
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City Of Philadelphia Posts Collapse-Related Documents Online

In response to numerous requests for documents regarding 2132, 2134, 2136-38 and 2140 Market Street and the building collapse that occurred on June 5, 2013, the City has begun to post collapse-related documents on its website.  The posted records consist of files from the Department of Licenses & Inspections, records (more...)

There Was An Increase In Influenza Activity In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Department of Health reported: "There was an increase in influenza activity in all regions of the state. Therefore, current activity is characterized as "widespread". Influenza cases have now been reported in all Pennsylvania counties. A majority of illness at this time is caused by influenza A/H3N2, a strain that generally causes (more...)

Methadone Abuse Prevention Bill Signed Into Law

A measure that would help Pennsylvania combat the growing epidemic of methadone abuse was signed into Wednesday, according to state Sen. Mike Stack. The new law creates a Methadone Death and Incident Review Team within the Pennsylvania Department of Health. This team will be responsible for (more...)

Human Trafficking Bill Becomes Law

Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery/Delaware) announced that two companion bills to legislation he sponsored in the Senate have been signed into law by Gov. Corbett. H.B. 235 calls for the posting of a human trafficking hotline number in certain establishments across the state and H.B. 1616 (more...)

How We Can Protect Student Athletes From Sudden Cardiac Arrest

To the applause of a school auditorium filled with families who have lost their children to sudden cardiac arrest and families whose children’s lives have been saved by preventive heart screenings, Gov. Tom Corbett signed into law Rep. Mike Vereb’s (R-Montgomery) House Bill 1610, making Pennsylvania (more...)

Investments in Fighting AIDS Pay Off

By Kathryn McConnell Staff Writer Investments in HIV prevention and treatment are paying off, and now is not the time to pull back. “We are at this pivot point of incredible scientific and program opportunity mixed with the challenge for funding,” HIV/AIDS advocate Chris Collins told reporters at the State Department’s (more...)


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