Holidays Passed, Extra Pounds Remained?

It’s that post-holiday syndrome when you cannot zip up your jeans. The ones you used to wear with no problem before the holiday season. Don’t slip into depression because of a few extra pounds gathered over the holiday feasts. There
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Just Like Home

"Just Like Home" is as powerful as it is heartbreaking — a significant documentary about an epidemic that continues to be under-reported and in some cases completely ignored by the mainstream media. What happens to the children of parents who are so addicted to (more...)

Cannabis Bush Instead Of Christmas Tree

Ian Richards, 46, from Britain grew a large cannabis plant to look like a Christmas tree, according to local press. He made the cannabis plant resemble a festive tree by growing it to 5ft tall and decorated it with balls. But he will spend the festive season not behind this tree, (more...)

Investments in Fighting AIDS Pay Off

By Kathryn McConnell Staff Writer Investments in HIV prevention and treatment are paying off, and now is not the time to pull back. “We are at this pivot point of incredible scientific and program opportunity mixed with the challenge for funding,” HIV/AIDS advocate Chris Collins told reporters at the State Department’s (more...)

Women and Weed

Representatives of a new organization “Women’s Alliance of Philadelphia” on their first official meeting have discussed an issue, that causes a great disturbance in the society, about political changes regarding light drugs. This was reported by local media. Pop culture draws women and drugs together; gloss paper magazines start publishing (more...)

Students Fall Victim of Drug Dealers

CBS News reported, that " the past year several Temple and Drexel students have been the victims of violent home invasions near campus. The violence was the price the students had to pay because of their drug dealing ways". Philadelphia Police spokesman Lt. Ray Evers said to (more...)

Teva Pharmaceuticals at Company Groundbreaking

State Sen. Mike Stack today joined Teva Pharmaceuticals at the ceremonial groundbreaking of its new distribution facility in Northeast Philadelphia. “Northeast Philadelphia is home to numerous businesses, and the addition of Teva means more jobs for the community,” Stack said. “This is great economic news for (more...)

The Popular Restaurant Sold Drugs

Pizza Gigi's owner, 57-year-old Salvatore Crimi, sold the drug from the restaurant, Toronto police alleged. They have seized marijuana with a street value of 1m Canadian dollars ($1m; £618,811) from a takeaway pizza restaurant, cocaine, other drugs and 8,000 Canadian dollars in the search. Investigators obtained a raid after watching customers enter (more...)

Don’t Trust To Silicone Injections

A group of four women should arrive in Philadelphia looking to improve their physiques with buttocks-enhancement injections - two from the United Kingdom and two from a party in New York City.  But they were not be in time and just two woman from UK checked into the Hampton Inn (more...)


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